Black Dog Video Newsletter December 7 to 13th “Going Fast Edition!”


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New Releases


7 Chinese Brothers – Jason Schwartzman is Larry, an almost lovable loser and alcoholic who hangs out at the Jiffy Lube, talks to his dog (played admirably by Schwartzman’s real live dog, Arrow) and mooches off his grandmother. What happens to Larry? Does he find something to do with his life? Does he meet a girl? Does he build a house? Is he probed by aliens? Watch and find out!


Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo – The hilarious and well-dressed Amy Schumer brings the funny.


Assassination – Cool looking action thriller period piece from Korea about a group of folks who plan to kill the commander of the occupying Japanese forces in 1933. Things probably don’t go as planned as there may be a traitor in their midst. Damn traitors ruining everything.


Ant-Man – Paul Rudd is a guy who gets a suit that can make him the size of an ant. Oh, and he can also control an army of ants to do his budding. Who wouldn’t want that? Ants! Think of the possibilities. Or maybe Marvel is just running out of superhero ideas? I hear that Sandwich-Man is the next big thing coming to save the world.


Before We Go – Captain America directs and stars in this schmaltzy-looking drama about two good-looking strangers who are, for some reason, stuck together in Manhattan and end up telling each other maybe a little too much about themselves. Do they fall in love over the course of one magical evening? Do they go on a murderous rampage on the Lower East Side? Watch and find out?


Minions – Milking the mediocre Despicable Me films for all they are worth comes this thing starring those incomprehensible talking yellow blobs. Enjoy.


Outlander S1 Part II – Part two of the first season of this well-regarded sci-fi tinged romantic drama thriller about a nurse in 1945 who is swept back in time to 1743 for some reason.

Coming Soon!

Turbo Kid
Burroughs: The Movie
Fantastic Four
He Named Me Malala
Maze Runner:Scotch Trials
Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation
Ted 2
Wolf Totem
Marfa Girl
God Help the Girl
I am Chris Farley
Set Fire to the Stars
Magician: The Astonishing Life and Work of Orson Welles

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Mad Max: Fury Road
Duke of Burgundy
Hannibal Season 3
Louie Season 4
Mississippi Grind
Mistress America
The Seven Five
Wild Tales

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It’s going to rain all week and probably for the next 8 months. I think it would be best to rent a bunch of great DVDs or Blu Rays, grab a bottle of red wine or a nice stout and hunker down. Do some hunkering!

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