Black Dog Video Newsletter December 21 to 27 ” Ho, Ho, Hoe Edition!”

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This could be you!

So it looks like Christmas will be on the 25th this year. Friday. We’ll be closed. Open until 7pm on the eve. Open Boxing Day regular hours. If you need some last minute gift ideas we have our lovely and amazing T-shirts to adorn your favourite people’s bodies. We only have a couple of Hoodies left at each store so you might want to get on that. We also have gift certificates to ram into stockings if that’s your thing. Come Boxing Day we’ll have our clothing wares plus a fine selection of previously loved films going for some special sweet prices!

New Releases


Burroughs: The Movie – This is actually a doc from 1983 that was thought all but lost until Burroughs’ nephew found a print in 2011 in his barn or something and then the lovely folks at Criterion took it upon themselves to restore it just for you! Ya you! A must for any fans of this weirdo.


Hitman Agent 47 – Cutely-named Rupert Friend stars as a bald genetically modified assassin who does some assassinating and stuff. Looks pretty bad but you might like it. Yes, you!


Nasty Baby – From that dude who made Magic Magic and The Maid comes this interesting looking number about a gay couple that wants to have a baby so they ask Kristen Wiig for help. Is there anything that Kristen Wiig can’t do?


Nathan for You S1 and 2 – Amazing and hilarious docu-reality series has a dude – Nathan – who helps real small businesses with his crazy strategies that are guaranteed to blow your mind and your funny bones (guarantee not guaranteed).


Pan – Because the world needed a new version of Peter Pan. One that stars a bald Hugh Jackman.


Partisan – Odd-sounding sort of sci-fi dealy that stars odd Vincent Cassel as the leader of some sort of compound or commune who butts heads with a young kid who is not into this set-up. Or something like that.


Pawn Sacrifice – Tobey Maguire (Tobes to his friends) stars as chess prodigy Bobby Fischer in this tense thriller. That is if you find two dudes playing chess tense and thrilling.


Shameless Season 5 – This show has no shame. But it’s good. Still, no shame.


Sleeping with Other People – Sexy comedy about a pair of good looking college kids who hook up one night and then run into each other 12 years later. Both can’t commit to monogamy so, for some reason, they are determined to be friends without any benefits. Hilarity, I presume, ensues.


A Walk in the Woods – Old man Robert Redford and possibly even older man Nick Nolte decide to hike the Appalachian Trail. Adventures and hilarity in the woods!

Coming Soon!

Bone Tomahawk
Green Inferno
Infinity Polar Bear
The Visit
Second Mother
True Detective S2

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Mississippi Grind
The Seven-Five
Turbo Kid
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Leftovers S1
The Connection
Utopia S1

More suggestions for quality viewing can be found here.

Here’s hoping that y’all have a safe and wonderful Christmas. Eat, drink and be merry. And keep watching!

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