Black Dog Video Newsletter Dec 27 – Jan 2 “List of Lists Edition!”


This is kind of sad today.

The time has come to burden you all with lists! Everyone loves lists, right? Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be featuring the Black Dog staffers compilations of the best films and stuff of the year! Scroll on down to check out the first couple!

For those of you who didn’t get a chance to read my summation of 2016 last week, here’s another chance! Now with even more deceased celebrities!

New Releases!


Dog Eat Dog – Pretty good pedigree for this straight to video crime caper: Paul Schrader directs, Willem Dafoe and Nic Cage (because he hasn’t been in a movie in a few weeks) star and written by noted criminal Eddie Bunker. Don’t know if it’s good or not, but what the hey, there are worse ways to spend a Tuesday evening. Right?


In the Valley of Violence – And what I said for the above movie can apply here. Just add Ti West for director and Ethan Hawke and John Travolta for the stars. And it’s a western. Expect lots of violence, a smattering of comedy and some sneaking around buildings.


Little Men – Nice little character piece about a couple of boys whose friendship is tested when their respective parents fight over a dress shop or something like that. Heard very nice things about this one.


Oasis: Supersonic – Swell documentary about those nitwit brothers with the hairy eyebrows who made music in a band called Oasis.


Ray Donovan Season 4 – More tough guy shenanigans brought to in this quality show.


Snowden – While initially disappointed that this wasn’t about some frisky coeds who were snowed-in someplace in the woods, I was impressed with this effort from Oliver Stone about famed whistleblower Ed Snowden. And while the relationship aspect of the tale falls pretty flat, the rest is quite intriguing and thrilling. The funny thing with whistleblowers in the moves is that American audiences cheer for them but in real life they’re looked at as traitors. Maybe this will help change things. Maybe it won’t.


The Tumbledown – Nice-looking drama finds Rebecca Hall as a women whose folk-singer husband recently died. Jason Sudakis is a journalist who talks to her about things. Much drama, I presume, ensues.

Coming Soon!

When the Bough Breaks
American Honey
Blair Witch
Girls Season 5
Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life
Shetland Season 3

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Swiss Army Man
Neon Demon
Bigger Splash

And now without further ado (all out of ado anyways) may I present to the first in a slew of upcoming best of the year lists!



1. OJ: Made in America
2. Spotlight
3. Mustang
4. The Lobster
5 Room
6. Hail, Caesar!
7. Fargo S2
8. Carol
9. The Hateful Eight
10. The Club
11. Diary of a Teenage Girl
12. The Stanford Prison Experiment
13. Theeb
14. Green Room
15. The People Vs. OJ Simpson
16. The Look of Silence
17. Hitchcock / Truffaut
18. Sleeping Giant
19. Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
20. Entertainment


Another Year, 2010
Burden of Dreams, 1982
Cape Fear, 1991
Calvary, 2014
Flirting, 1991
Mad Love, 1935
Monsieur Verdoux, 1947
My Best Fiend, 1999
Only Yesterday, 1991
The Thing From Another World, 1951

And from Patrick!

1. everybody wants some!!
2. certain women
3. moonlight
4. heart attack
5. love and friendship
6. embrace of the serpent
7. under the shadow
8. paterson
9. kaili blues
10. hypernormalisation

That’s if for this week, my lovelies. We’ll be back next year with even more nice things for all you nice people!

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