Black Dog Video Newsletter August 30 – Sept 5 “Something Funny This Way Comes Edition!”


This Thursday at the Black Dog Commercial outlet, drop on by for some seriously funny business! Local comedy expert and Black Dog worker bee, Dylan Rhymer, hosts a bunch of local hilarious comedians. We’ll be closing at 9pm to set up and the doors should be open shortly after that. The show starts at 9:30. Hope to see you there. More info can be found here.

And the countdown is on for our next big DVD Sale event. “Dawn of the Crazy DVD Sale” will be taking place on Saturday September 17th at the Black Dog Cambie St. branch at 9 am in the morning until 11am. Tons of great things for sale (remember cash is king!)! Check out the photo at the bottom of the newsletter for a little taste.

New Releases!


Blunt Talk Season 1 – Captain Picard stars as a British TV guy who moves to LA, with his alcoholic manservant of course, to host a show were he tells Americans how they should live and behave. I guess someone aught to. Hilarity and awkward moments, I presume, ensue.


The Jungle Book – Updated adventure of the old tale finds a young kid making friends, and an enemy or two, with a bunch of talking animals in the jungle. Based on a true story. Probably.


A La Vie – Three friends, who survived the Holocaust, meet up in 1960 to reminisce, eat tasty foods, frolic in the waves and enjoy life. Sounds nice.


Me Before You – The Mother of Dragons takes a job helping out a very handsome man who was just recently paralyzed in a motorcycle accident. Think they will fall in love and teach each other valuable life lessons? Na, me neither.


The Night Manager Season 1 – Excellent, from what I’ve heard, TV spy espionage number about the manager of a Cairo hotel who’s recruited to infiltrate the inner circle of an arm’s dealer. Sounds like just another day at Black Dog.


Now You See Me 2 – The magic kids all return to pull off yet another magical heist using magic.


A Perfect Day – Heavy drama stars Tim Robbins and local VHS renter (but not returner), Benecio Del Toro, in this tale of aid workers embroiled in some sort of crisis somewhere in the world. I wonder if it takes place in one of those made up countries you see in the movies like Waydia or Arendale or Australia?


Shameless Season 6 – This show about an alcoholic dad and his crazy family has been on for 6 seasons?! That’s bonkers!.

Coming Soon!

A Bigger Splash
American Crime Story
Love & Friendship
The Meddler
Money Monster
Neon Bull

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

O.J. Made in America
Jungle Book
The Invitation
The Night Manager
The VVitch
Green Room

And as promised, here’s a tiny taste of what will be on sale come the 17th!


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