Black Dog Video Newsletter August 29- Sept 4 “I’m Melting Edition!”

It’s too hot, dawg…


Holy hotdogs, when is this summer going to end?! Is this the way it’s going to be from now on? End of days, my friends. But before we all perish, let’s watch some movies!

New Releases


Author: The JT Leroy Story – Excellent, odd and intense doc about famous author JT Leroy, who was actually a pseudonym created by Laura Albert.


Creepy – Nice looking and, well, creepy number from Japanese master Kiyoshi Kurosawa (Cure, Pulse) finds some unsettling going-ons as an ex-detective looks into the mysterious case of a family who disappeared 6 years earlier. Sign me up!


Disneynature – Born in China – Hmm what animal, born in China, do you suppose this little doc is about? You guessed it!


Girls: The Final Season – Last season of Girls, it seems.


Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers – Sequel to the amazing Goon from a couple of years ago finds our favourite goon facing retirement when a new tough goon appears on the scene. There’s always going to be another tough guy my mom used to tell me.


Grantchester Season 3 – More fun from England finds a clergy fellow helping to investigate some evil doings up in the hamlet of Grantchester. They also stand around with their hands in their pockets which not only cool, but it’s quite comfortable.


My Cousin Rachel – Nice creepy little thriller finds the lovely and talented Rachel Weisz as a cousin named Rachel who may or may not have killed her cousin’s wife.


Paris Can Wait – Eleanor Coppola (yes, related) directs Diane Lane as she drives Alec Baldwin around France for some reason.


Right Now, Wrong Then – Excellent new film from the director of In Another Country finds a film director falling for a young painter, twice.


Rough Night – Scar-Jo, a lady Ghostbuster and one Broad City find themselves in hilarious hijinks after they, and some other friends, hire a male-stripper for a bachelorette and things go terribly wrong.


Wakefield – Bryan Cranston snaps and then goes and lives in the attic above his garage where he observes his family without their knowledge. Not a comedy.

Coming Soon!

Broadchurch Season 3
This is Us Season 1
Megan Leavey
The Mummy
It Comes at Night
Last Face
All Eyez on Me
Ash v Evil Dead Season 2

Thanks to all that filled out our online survey last week. It has been very helpful and encouraging. I’ll have some hard paper copies in the store very soon if you’re so inclined. If you missed the online version you can still participate here!

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Stay hydrated and cool my friends! Together we can beat this heat!

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