Black Dog Video Newsletter August 22-28 “Survey Says Edition!”


I hope that everyone survived the eclipse yesterday. No seared retinas. I thought it was was pretty neat. Speaking of pretty neat, we finally got that survey put together I’ve been yaking about for the past several weeks. If you can, take a moment and check it out here and let us know what you think! Please be nice. We’ll have some paper copies in the stores shortly as well for those less inclined to internet.

New Releases!


Batman and Harley Quinn – More animated shenanigans finds the Batman teaming up with The Joker’s lady-friend, Ms Quinn, to fight some other evil bad guys.


Baywatch – Two of the most unattractive guys on the planet Earth, The Rock and Zac Efron (just kidding, these two hunks just ooze beefcake out of their tanned, buff pores – man, that actually sounds pretty gross), resurrect the stiff bloated corpse of that mediocre TV show from the 80’s that made The Hoff so big in Germany.


Below Her Mouth – Steamy, sexy lesbian fare (use your imagination about the title – use it!) finds a couple of women getting involved in some steamy sexy situations.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – More if the same – but this time louder, more garish and less of a story – finds our heroes hanging out with Snake Plissken on a distant planet while also saving the universe and other things.


The Walking Dead Season 7 – The gang have to deal with another enemy in the form of a tough guy with a barbed wire-encrusted baseball bat who threatens their existence. Oh ya, and zombies! But just don’t call them zombies.


Wildlike – The always-excellent Bruce Greenwood as a lone backpacker in the Alaskan wilderness who befriends a runway teenager. Heard very good things about this lovely number.

Coming Soon!

Girls S6
Grantchester Season 3
Ash v Evil Dead Season 2
My Cousin Rachel
All Eyez on Me
Rough Night
Meagan Leavey
Homeland Season 6

Lots of great stuff to check out in these waning days of summer. Don’t believe me? Check out our selections for you right here!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and (hopefully) fill out the survey. Have a great week and we’ll talk at you in seven days!

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