Black Dog Video Newsletter April 25th – May 1 “Spring Cleaning Edition!”


That’s one cool cat.

The calendar is telling me it’s supposed to be spring and that means it’s time to get down and dirty and clean the house and get rid of all that unwanted detritus we’ve collected over our lives, past and present. You know, your Dad’s old Playboy collection, secretly de-Legoing your place, that rowing machine you bought at a yard sale last spring and is now sitting in your basement with old hockey equipment strung all over it. Maybe even your physical media collection? That’s where we come in. Drop off your DVD collections to either store and get some swell in-store credit, maybe even a bit of cash and for sure, our love and admiration! Not only will you be helping out your favourite local video shop but you’ll have room for that exercise bike you’re thinking of picking up. We all win! Approval Cat approves of this message.

New Releases!


The Affair Season 3 – Wow, this affair has been going on for a long time? How do they keep it a secret? Nobody suspects anything yet? That’s some serious affairing.


Age of Shadows – Excellent cloak and dagger thriller from South Korea that involves Korean resistance fighters dealing with Japanese occupation in 1920’s Seoul. Looks totes cool.


Animal Kingdom Season 1 – Sweet-looking tough drama based on the fine, tough Australian movie of the same name finds a tough family doing tough things in Southern California. Me thinks this might be a very cool, but tough, show.


Catfight – I wish the Canadian DVD cover was as cool as this. We’re so lame. Word on the street has it that this is a very funny ferocious comedy that finds Sandra Oh and Anne Heche, as two privileged college rivals, battling it out for some reason as they attend a glamorous affair.


The Girl With All the Gifts – Zombies abound in this dystopian future nightmare that finds a scientist and a teacher going on a perilous journey full of peril with a “special” young girl. Heard this is pretty fabulous! Another DVD and Blu Ray copy are on the way. Don’t fret!


Tampopo (Criterion Edition) – Much-loved Japanese comedy/drama about food and family and other things gets the lovely Criterion treatment!


Tower – Excellent doc that uses many interesting cinematic techniques to tell the story of that guy who climbed into a tower on the University of Texas campus back in 1966 and shot a bunch of people. One of the best films of 2016.


Underworld: Blood Wars – More vampires in leather pants fighting werewolves who wear only pants (I assume for no reason). I think, and hope, that this is last in this tired franchise.


Witness for the Prosecution – New fancy updated version of the famed Agatha Christie story about the murder (a murder most foul!) of a wealthy glamorous heiress and the folks who may or may not have done the murdering. Good times.

Coming Soon!

A Dog’s Purpose
I Am Not Your Negro
Despite the Falling Snow
Shepherds and Butchers
The Love Witch
The Red Turtle
The Salesman
Into the Forest

Need a little help deciding what to rent? We can help with that. Click here for a bunch of New Releases that we’ve liked. Tool around the “Recommends” section of the website for many other great lists and ideas!

That’s it for this week, my lovelies. Stay dry, stay warm and remember, keep watching.

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