Black Dog Video Newsletter April 18-24 “150 Years of Canadian Film Edition!”


Of course there’s a moose.

Seems there’s a bit of Canadian movie celebration happening tomorrow! This country (Canada) turns 150 years old this year and Wednesday the 19th (good thing they didn’t choose 4/20) has been dubbed National Canadian Film Day 150. Now I’m pretty sure that Canadians have not been making films for 150 years as, well, film-making wasn’t invented until the 1890’s. But that doesn’t matter. Celebrate all that is good and great about Canadian movies as there are tons of amazing Canadian films! There’s some free showings around town including local film-making hero, Mina Shum, presenting her debut feature Double Happiness at the Frederic Wood Theatre. Or you can drop by the store tomorrow and nab 5 wonderful Canadian films for only $10! Way to go Canada!

We’re now accepting donations of DVDs at both stores if you want to unload some space-consuming physical media. We’ll also give you in-store credit if you desire for selected titles! This totally helps us to keep on keepin’ on. Thanks!

New Releases!


Always Shine – Well-reviewed psychological thriller that finds two competitive friends, Beth and Anna, taking a weekend trip to Big Sur to sort out their feelings. Something tells me that things don’t go as well as they might have hoped. Be a boring movie if they did.


The Americans Season 4 – Finally, a fresh new season of one of the best shows on the TV. If you aren’t watching this, what’s wrong with you?


Before the Flood – Another cheery doc on how we’re destroying the earth, ruining ecosystems and killing ourselves and everything else on this planet. Man, humans are terrible people. Let’s fix this mess! We can start by not using so much damn plastic – bags and water bottles, I’m looking at you!


The Founder – Michael Keaton plays Jack Kroc, that guy responsible for the rise of McDonald’s and blood pressure and diabetes and heart disease everywhere!


La La Land – Emma Stone won an Oscar, as did the director, and the film itself almost kinda won, but not the Baby Duck (sad Ryan Gosling) for this lovely song and dance extravaganza from the guy who made Whiplash. Haven’t seen it yet but my 11 year-old loved it!


Ocean Waves – From Studio Ghibli comes this great animated tale of nostalgia and memories and life-changing things. A guy returns home from his first year of college and recalls his last year of high school and how that shaped his future or something like that.


Split – M. Night’s latest has James McAvoy playing multiple characters including Dennis, Patricia, Hedwig, The Beast and Crumb (multiple personality disorder, yo!) who kidnaps three girls for various unwholesome reasons. They must escape before a new, nasty personality makes his grand entrance. Sounds like fun!


Woman of the Year – Great screw-ball comedy from 1942 finds Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy as married rival newspaper reporters. Lovely new Criterion release of this George Stevens classic.

Coming Soon!

Tampopo (Criterion)
The Love Witch
Witness for the Prosecution
Underworld 5
Fist Fight
Into the Forest
The Bridge Season 3

Needs some help in choosing your fine home entertainment? Look no further. Well a bit further. Click here for some stellar recommendations!

That’s it for this week, folks. Hope to see you here in 7 days time.

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