Black Dog Video Newsletter April 11 – 17 “Rising From the Dead Edition!”


Happy Easter, my tasty child!

Hi! Little ditty about the upcoming Easter weekend. Seems that there’s a doin’s a transpiring over in the Cambie Hood. There will be posters at the bottom of this missive with a few details in case you might want to wander on by. And please do! Happy Easter to you all!

Check out this cool commercial some nice kids over at BCIT did for a project for the Black Dog Video.

New Releases!


Hidden Figures – Very nice crowd pleaser about a trio of African-American women mathematicians who were instrumental in getting NASA’s space program off the ground. So to speak.


Mars Season 1 – Interesting looking show that mixes drama in with some actual documentary footage as humans attempt to colonize the angry red planet in the year 2033.


Papa Hemingway in Cuba – The year is 1959. The place is Cuba (title probably gave it away). The story is a young journalist travels to the Caribbean Island to meet and interview his idol, one Earnest Hemingway, all the while the Cuban revolution is acting up.

Coming Soon!

The Americans Season 4
The Bridge Season 3
The Love Witch
Always Shine
Before the Flood
The Founder
Ocean Waves
Woman of the Year

Need some dandy recommendations? Then look no further! Well maybe a tiny bit further. Click here for some stellar picks for your home viewing experience!

As promised…

Easter Postcard_Frontside_2017Easter Postcard_Backside 2017

That’s it for this week folks. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend. Great time to catch up on some fine films!
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