The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Momma Mia Edition!

With the impending Mother’s Day celebration looming over all of our heads this Sunday, we thought it would be appropriate to enlist John Waters’ Serial Mom to help extol the virtues of mothers everywhere! Listen in to our latest podcast (Black Dog Video After Dark) as Dylan, Josie and I dig deep into this classic suburban satire! Join as we have a drink or two and chat, not only, about the film but also the cult of Don Knotts, nostalgia for video stores and the pros and cons of bludgeoning someone with a leg of lamb. Happy Mother’s Day!

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I hope that everyone is doing just fine out there. Gonna be a hot one this weekend so lather up with that sunscreen! And wear a big fancy hat.

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Sexy Robot Edition!

I’m sure that you’re wondering about the title of this edition of the newsletter. We just released a new episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast where we punch our way through Rocky IV. Still perplexed? I bet. Seems that, for some reason, there’s a robot in this film and one of the characters seems to be a little sweet on it. Maybe too sweet. Listen in for more details (and lots of other nice things).

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I hope that everyone is doing OK out there. At least the weather is making a turn for the better. Funny, back in the day, I hated this time of year as it was quite hard on the shops what with everyone wanting to be outside and what-not. Don’t have to worry about that any longer. Enjoy!

Talk at you in a couple of weeks!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Pain Don’t Hurt Edition!

Welcome to another edition of the famed Black Dog Newsletter! There’s a new podcast episode that’s up and ready to rattle your bones and rip out your throat (metaphorically speaking of course). Listen in as Dylan, Josie and I have a beer or two and discuss the 1989 Patrick Swayze punchy, kicky, stabby, throat-ripper ROAD HOUSE. Then we get into a drunken brawl and trash the joint while Jeff Healey plays on.

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Also included in this weeks package – I made a nice little list of the scariest scenes ever to flash upon the screen! Check it out here and feel free to agree/disagree/recommend/fight me!

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That’s it for this week, my lovelies! Hope you’re all doing well. See you in a couple.

The Black Dog Newsletter: What’s the Craic? Edition!

I suppose I could have gone with everyone’s favourite Irish greeting, “Top of the Mornin’ To Ya”, but I’ll save that one for the podcast. Blimey! I’m here to tell all you Irish and Irish-loving folks that we have a special St. Paddy’s Day episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark podcast! Listen in as Dylan Josie and I dig into The Commitments! Sit back, pour a Guinness, and laugh and drink along with us louts! Oh, and please subscribe to the podcast (it’s free!) as it helps us out. And we can all use a little help from our friends, right?

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Get outside and enjoy that nice weather!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: A World of Water Edition!

Maybe it’s all this snow, maybe I’m yearning for a tropical vacation or maybe I’m just thirsty, but whatever the reason, we decided to do Waterworld for our latest podcast!

There are no podcasts on Waterworld! Listen in as Dylan, Josie and myself have a drink and discuss Kevin Costner’s 1995 briny action epic! Was it really that bad? Was Kevin Costner just wet and grumpy the whole time? Where did they get all those cigarettes? Like and subscribe, please. Drop us a message for future movie suggestions and win some cool stuff!

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I hope that everyone is doing well out there! Talk to you soon (unless I find a job!)

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