The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Tis the Season Edition!

They tell me that tomorrow is the first day of December. Who knew?! I just wanted to drop y’all a quick note telling you about a few things:

We just got another order of the famed Black Dog Video/In Dog We Trust mugs back in stock. This might well be the last time we get these. Makes for a great gift for folks that like to drink liquids.

I still have a bunch of Black Dog T-shirts in stock as well. All sizes (only a couple of the larger sizes left).

And we still have the lovley Ghibli socks. Makes great gifts for those loved ones that have feet.

Everything can be ordered here or send me an email () for local pick-up and cash options.

Also! Starting tomorrow check in on the website or the socials for The Black Dog Video advent calendar! Every day I’ll recommend a Christmas film for you to enjoy!

And stay tuned for our upcoming Christmas episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark podcast! It’s a fun one!

Enjoy the snow (hopefully) and everyone be good to everyone out there.

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Flashing You Edition!

Today! Tomorrow! The Next Day! We’re tossing at you our first ever online FLASH SALE! All the previously viewed titles I have listed on the website can be had for a whopping 35% off the listed price! I’ll be adding more during the sale but have a gander at what we have (there’s lots!). Remember, I only have 1 copy of each title so first come first serve. Go to the “Home” page on the website and scroll down to the previously viewed area.

At checkout use the code 35dogs for the discount. Shipping not included. Local pickup is available.

Also! The titles listed in the photos at the bottom of this missive can be had for $5 each! And if you buy 4, get a 5th for FREE! Shipping is not included – these titles are best for local pick-up me thinks. Send me an email at and I’ll set them aside for you.

One more quick dealy – listen in on our Remembrance Day podcast episode as we discuss war films (anti-war) and such! Should be up and ready very soon. As soon as Dylan is finished eating his corn flakes.

Thanks for lending me your ears. I’ll get them back to you as soon as I can.

$5 films (buy 4 get a 5th for FREE). Check the Black Dog facebook and instagram for more additions throughout the weekend!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Tis the Season, Sort Of…Edition!

Just what everyone wanted to hear – a Christmas message from their once favourite video store! I’ll keep it brief!

If you want to purchase any films or what-not for loved ones, hated ones or even yourself, get your orders in asap so I can get you them in time! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, drop me a line and I’ll see what’s what. If you go to the “Home” page and scroll down, you’ll see lots of upcoming new releases and tons of used items at great prices!

We also have 2 T-shirt designs ready to go! Ghibli socks are in stock! I’m going to place another order for mugs as well! You can order all this stuff online or if you live in the hood and don’t want to pay for shipping, drop me a line and I can meet you on the Drive!

I hope that everyone is doing well out there! Miss you all! Except you, Eddie. Eddie!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Is it Time Edition?

Now that the weather seems like it might be getting cooler (and appropriate for this time of year), you can all start wearing shirts again! And it just so happens that we just got in our brand-new Black Dog Video T-shirts! You can enjoy this Saul Bass, Anatomy of a Murder inspired shirt and be the envy of all who know you! We’ve also re-upped on the classic “Dogtropolis” design. Both are available through the website or if you just want to pay cash for a local pick-up, let me know.

And we have lots of Ghibli socks available as well. Christmas is coming!

I just added a bunch of documentaries and a few other bits to the site for purchase! Lots of good stuff at great prices! Christmas is coming!

Don’t forget to check out our Halloween horror movie recommendations! I post one a day for your scary season enjoyment!

I hope that everyone is doing well out there! Miss you all (almost all)!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: All the Haunts Edition!

So as we wind our way through Halloween month (October), I just wanted to pass on a few notes:

We just released a new podcast episode! Dylan couldn’t make it for this one (he was too busy getting all the eels out of his hovercraft) so Josie popped by to join Alex and myself as we dug into the strange weirdness of Lost Highway. Listen in here. Ooh! And we have a special Halloween episode coming soon!

Also! I’ve been adding lots of awesome DVDs and Blu Rays to the website – new and previously loved – (scroll down from the “Home” page) for you to buy and cherish. Prices are mucho affordable.

Also! I’ve been publishing our annual Horror Movie a Day Recommendation on the site to fill your hearts with scariness. Follow along here. (Note – I’ll be out of town for a week and will pick up the list upon my return).

Also! We had a bit a snafu with the T-shirts but I’m hoping we’ll have them in stock next week. You can pre-order the classic Dogtropolis here if you like and we’ll be debuting a swell new one soon as well!

I hope that I didn’t bend your ear too far. Enjoy the alarmingly nice weather out there. Talk at you soon.


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