The Black Dog Newsletter: What’s the Craic? Edition!

I suppose I could have gone with everyone’s favourite Irish greeting, “Top of the Mornin’ To Ya”, but I’ll save that one for the podcast. Blimey! I’m here to tell all you Irish and Irish-loving folks that we have a special St. Paddy’s Day episode of the Black Dog Video After Dark podcast! Listen in as Dylan Josie and I dig into The Commitments! Sit back, pour a Guinness, and laugh and drink along with us louts! Oh, and please subscribe to the podcast (it’s free!) as it helps us out. And we can all use a little help from our friends, right?

And don’t forget to pop into the shop website to scoop up films and other swag! Lots of $5 films being added all the time. – Go to the “BLOG” section to see what I’m talking about.

And if anyone is on letterboxd and want to follow me and talk moves, please do so and I’ll return the favour.

Get outside and enjoy that nice weather!

The Black Dog Video Newsletter: A World of Water Edition!

Maybe it’s all this snow, maybe I’m yearning for a tropical vacation or maybe I’m just thirsty, but whatever the reason, we decided to do Waterworld for our latest podcast!

There are no podcasts on Waterworld! Listen in as Dylan, Josie and myself have a drink and discuss Kevin Costner’s 1995 briny action epic! Was it really that bad? Was Kevin Costner just wet and grumpy the whole time? Where did they get all those cigarettes? Like and subscribe, please. Drop us a message for future movie suggestions and win some cool stuff!

Also! I just added a large pile of awesome $5 films for sale to the website. Lots of great documentaries – this is but a sample (many rare and out of print). And as always, buy 4 and get a 5th for FREE. Message me here if you’re interested. ">

Also! Go to for other swag including mugs, T-shirts and Ghibli socks! I don’t have a lot left and this will more than likely be the last of them.

I hope that everyone is doing well out there! Talk to you soon (unless I find a job!)

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Love (or something) is in the Air Edition!

We love to love you, baby! That’s why I’m here to tell you about a couple of things! Just in time for made-up romance day, the hard-working folks at the Black Dog Video After Dark Podcast just released a special love-filled (is that what that is?!) episode to fill your heart with warmth and sticky feelings! Listen in as Dylan, Alex and I get down and dirty with True Romance! It’s a good one!

I’m also in the process of adding a pile of $5 movies for sale to the website. I have too many to add to the regular sale section, so I’ve added photos here. All are $5 each, buy 4 get a 5th FREE! First come, first serve! You can email me at to let me know what you’d like.

And one more thing before I let you go to get your love-themed day going…I still have a few T-shirts, Ghibli socks and mugs left for sale! Get ‘em while you can as this will be the last time they’re available.

That’s it for this edition! I hope that everyone is doing OK out there!

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The Black Dog Video Newsletter: Listen up, People Edition!

Hey-o! Just a short little missive today to tell you about a new podcast episode that we’ve just released onto an unsuspecting public! Join myself, Dylan and special guest star, Josie (Alex was off doing his MMA training), as we have a few drinks and take a deep dive into the film Across 110th Street and watch Anthony Quinn punch his way through crime!

And just a reminder that I’ve still got lots of nifty things for sale – movies, mugs, T-shirts (going fast!) and Ghibli socks. Check out the website for more details. And if you’re on the Instagrams or the Facebooks, I post new films for sale there a few times a week. You can also email me with stuff you’re looking for.

Hope that everyone is doing alright out there!

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The Black Dog Newsletter: The Last of Us/Happy Holidays Edition!

Greeting fellow humans! Just wanted to toss off a few bon mots during this festive (for some) time of year!

We still have things for sale, and I know how much ya’ll like things: Mugs, T-Shirts, Ghibli socks. Movies. This will be the final run of all the swag (we won’t have any more after this) so get them while you can.

You can order them from the website or send me a note – – to arrange local (cheaper) pick-up.

We should have our (2nd) Christmas movie podcast out later this week followed by our best of the year picks in a couple of weeks.Try to remain calm while waiting for these.

I hope that everyone is doing well out there. It can be a trying time of the year for folks (especially with no video store on the Drive!) so I hope you have some friends and or family that you like to help get through the holidays.

Me? I’ll be watching movies, drinking some nog and eating some foods. If you need some Christmas film recommendations, look no further than the Black Dog Video Movie Advent Calendar!

Cheers to you all!

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