Black Dog Newsletter: VanCovid-19 Edition


So tomorrow (Saturday the 27th) I’ll be at the Commercial Shop from Noon until 3pm. And on Sunday at Cambie from 1pm-3pm. If you need some things (and I bet that you do) send me your orders here – – and I’ll have them ready. If you want to pay ahead of time (preferred) you can e-transfer me your $$$ to the same email (or call in with your credit card) and I’ll bring them outside for you. Bring a bag. Specify DVD or Blu Ray. And which store. I’ll get your order together (depends what is in stock) and email you the total.

If you do come into the shop, please follow these rules of conduct as we want everyone (including myself) to be as safe as possible:

  • no more than 3-4 humans in the store at one time
  • please, don’t handle the actual movie boxes, just tell me what you want
  • no browsing. If you need help finding things, just ask
  • do not lurch up to and lean in and on the desk. Please respect the tape on the floor as it is not purely decorative.
  • be respectful of everyone in the store and stay a safe distance. No high-fiving, chest bumping, twerking or secret handshakes.

All of our fabulous deals will be in play – rent 2 new releases and get a 3rd FREE or rent 5 old, non-new releases, for $10. And don’t sweat the return times.

New Releases!

Available tomorrow at Commercial and Sunday at Cambie


Cats – Boy howdy, look at this. Might be one of the worst, most nonsensical cinematic disasters that these tired old eyes have witnessed! I loved it! (but I saw it in the a raucous theatre with a few beers). Not too sure if we get the version with the kitty buttholes. Fingers crossed.


Dolittle – Iron Man talks to the animals. Says some things. Walks around.


Escape from Pretoria – Harry Potter and another white guy escape from a prison in apartheid era South Africa. True story, it is, mate!


Little Women – Greta Gerwig directs this lovely adaptation of the famous book about some small women.


Mr. Robot S4 – Jeez, I didn’t even know this show was still on.


Standing Up, Falling Down – A failing stand-up comedian hangs out with his dermatologist.


Star Wars: Too Many Skywalkers – Last and least of the latest trilogy for the Star War.

Coming Soon!

Just Mercy
Righteous Gemstones
Bad Boys for Life
The Gentlemen
Like a Boss
The Turning
IP Man 4: The Final IP

So with all the craziness surrounding our lives right now, it’s hard to predict what we will be doing regarding the shops. I will (hopefully) continue to do these little pop-ups so you can snarf up some films to get you through these dark uncertain days. Check our website as I am updating things on a daily basis.

One thing that I’m going to do starting Monday is a film appreciation class with my 15 year-old! We’re going to jump around the 20th Century and look at, and discuss, films that one should watch. If anyone is interested I’ll be keeping a blog with films we’ve watched and films we are going to watch. It’ll be on the website and I may create a Facebook Page for it as well.

I hope that everyone is taking care of themselves and looking out for others as well. Hopefully we’ll get through this mess with as little horror as possible. See you when we see you.

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  1. Ann-Marie Heather Regis
    Ann-Marie Heather Regis says:

    Hi R.J. I sent you an email and am wondering if on Sunday you have DVD’s that I ordered for sale since December/January – most are Oscar winners. Can you please contact me to let me know if I can pick up my orders that you planned on selling to me before the virus.


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