Black Dog Newsletter September 26 – October 2nd “Ch-Ch-Changes Part Deux Edition!”


A couple more changes you’ll be seeing over at the Cambie Street Dog – the lovely and talented Bjorn is leaving the Black Dog nest to seek his fame and fortune abroad. He’ll be at the store until the end of next week so drop in and say goodbye, maybe even give him a hug. He loves hugs! You’ll be seeing more of me, for better or for worse, around those parts in addition to the two new recruits, Avash and Naomi. One other change – The Cambie store will be closing at 10pm on Sunday nights starting this coming Sunday, October 1st. We’ll be open until 11 the rest of the days of the week. Plan accordingly.

New Releases!


47 Meters Down – Some great white sharks are just chilling in the waters doing their shark things when some chum, er I mean people in the form of Mandy Moore and Claire Holt, are lowered into the water for them to eat. Problem is this food is in a cage that they must break into in order to enjoy their tasty treats! Good luck, sharks!


David Lynch: The Art of Life – Nice little doc (from Criterion no less!) about the one and only David Lynch and his process and approach to art and life and stuff.


The Little Hours – Comedy finds a handsome servant (the handsome Dave Franco) escaping from his master who takes refuge in a convent full of sexy, potty-mouthed nuns. Hilarity, I presume, ensues. Heard that this is pretty funny. Stars the Aubrey Plaza and Alison Brie.


Tale of Love and Darkness – Natalie Portman stars, writes and directs this heavy-duty drama about writer, Amos Oz, and his upbringing during the early years of the newly formed Israeli state.


Transformers – The Last Knight – More incomprehensible eye garbage from Michael Bay (still doesn’t have his own spot in our director’s section!). I’m sure that this one is as good as all the other ones. Somehow they managed to snag Sir Lord Anthony Hopkins to be in this thing.

Coming Soon!

Portlandia Season 7
The Vietnam War
Better Call Saul Season 3
Soundbreaking: Stories form the Cutting Edge of Music
Pirates of the Caribbean
Book of Henry
A Ghost Story
American Horror Story Season 6
Cult of Chucky

Lots of great things on the shelves, both new and old, for your fall viewing. We have many fine lists of many fine films for you to appreciate. Check them all out here!

Have a great week, folks. Stay warm, eat well, hug Bjorn and keep watching!

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