Black Dog Newsletter September 12 – 18 “We’re On It Edition!”


In response to the survey that many of you kindly filled out – thanks again – one thing that we’re going to try and do better is bring in more interesting smaller films of high quality. I have my crack staff combing the globe for the best in what cinema has to offer. The cool titles have already started rolling in!

Oh I should also mention, those LED and Glow-in-the-Dark fidget spinners I ordered back in May finally showed up and are on sale at the Commercial store. And they’re cheap! If anyone want some at Cambie, I can bring them over. Just let me know.

New Releases!


After the Storm – From the great Kore-eda (Like Father Like Son, Nobody Knows) comes this, some might say timely, drama about a guy getting reacquainted with his estranged family following a big storm. Of course this will be excellent.


Ash v Evil Dead Season 2 – Another wonderful season finds the wonderful Bruce Campbell fighting off those pesky Deadites in season 2 of this fine, fun show!


Captain Underpants – A couple of pranksters hypnotize their principal into believing he’s famed, dim-witted superhero, Captain Underpants. I remember reading this stuff to my sprog when he was of age. Good for the young-ins.


Deutschland 83 – Excellent Cold-War thriller TV show finds a plucky 24 year-old dude from East Germany infiltrating the West German army in 1983. Heard nothing but great things.


Living is Easy with Eyes Closed – Very nice Spanish film about a teacher who picks up a couple of hitchhiker’s on his way to, hopefully, meet John Lennon. Sounds like one of those fine life-changing, crowd-pleasing, road-trip movies popular at film festivals.


Lowriders – No, not a movie about those sexy low-cut pants but a tough family drama set in the low-rider car-culture of East Los Angeles.


Megan Leavey – Kate Mara stars with a smart dog in this true-story about a soldier and her smart dog performing heroic feats in Iraq. Not too sure who Megan Leavey is. I hope that’s the dog’s name.


The Mummy – Tom Cruise tries to jump-start the Universal Monster series with this tepid re-telling of the mummy tale. Look for this one to show up on many worst of the year lists.


Neither Heaven Nor Earth – Cool-looking mystery chiller about some French soldiers in Afghanistan who start to disappear into the desert with no explanation. Spooky!


Raw – Fun-looking horror film about a vegetarian who develops an insatiable taste for the meat after undergoing a traumatic hazing ritual at a vet school. Pop this into your player, throw a couple of steaks on the barbie (rare, please!), sit back and dig in!


Swallows and Amazons – Family fare finds some children on holiday who start a “war” with some other children on an island. Ah, kids and their war games. Based on the book of the same name.


This is Us Season 1 – Much acclaimed TV series follows a bunch of people, all with the same birthdays for some reason, who cross paths throughout their lives.

Coming Soon!

Wonder Woman
It Comes at Night
The Bad Batch
The Big Sick
The Dinner
The Other Side
Tale of Love and Darkness

With back to school fall-ness in the air I thought I should mention that we have some swell lunch boxes to carry your edibles in! How cool would you look with one of these?!


Have a great week, y’all. Talk soon. xoxo

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