Black Dog Newsletter : “Plague Survival Guide Edition!”

Here we are, about to enter another month in plague city. How are you all making out? What are you doing to keep yourselves sane? Watching movies (me!)? Baking bread? Banging pots? Yelling at folks in the parks? These are strange days indeed. I hope that our little curb-side pick-ups help to ease your stress and anxiety. We’ll be open this Saturday – both shops – from 3-6pm. Send us your orders – – and we’ll do our best to have them ready for you. Check the homepage of the website for more details.

New Releases

(hopefully we’ll have them by Saturday!)


Baptiste Season 1 (Commercial shop – soon to Cambie) – Guy from another TV series goes to Amsterdam on vacation (wink-wink) and gets embroiled in a murder investigation.


Birds of Prey – Harley Quinn traipses around with some other lady super-heroes fighting crime and stuff.


Bloodshot – Vin Diesel (not his real name) is a soldier who gets himself killed only to be re-animated as a tough guy super soldier (not a documentary).


Fantasy Island – Finally someone took that mediocre TV show from the 70’s and made it into a horror film. I can finally rest.


Gretel & Hansel – Update on the famous tale of kids wandering in the woods and finding a nexus of evil. A NEXUS of EVIL!


The Jesus Rolls – From the “Unnecessary Spin-Off Department” comes this comedy thing with John Turturro as the weird bowling guy from Big Lebowski.


The Photograph – Nice-looking romantic dealie that intertwines stories from the past with the present. I bet a photograph plays an important role!


Ray Donovan Season 7 (Commercial shop) – Season 7 of Ray Donovan


Vivarium – Good-looking young couple Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots (favourite name ever!) get stuck in a labyrinth-like neighbourhood where all the house look the same. Welcome to suburbia, kids!

Coming Soon!

Call of the Wild
Tigers are Not Afraid
Brahms: The Boy II
Creepshow Season 1
Sonic the Hedgehog
The Way Back

That’s it for this week, kids. I hope that everyone is safe and sound and helping out the local businesses in this time of great need. If you’re looking for some suggestions on what to watch (and take advantage of our fine collection and rental deals) check out the recommendations page on our website! I’ll be adding more to that very soon as well!


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