Black Dog Newsletter “Pick-Up-Dates!”


Just a quick update for those of you interested in snarfing up some films from the shops. We’ll be doing curb-side pick ups this week on Tuesday at Commercial and Wednesday at Cambie from 3-6pm. The usual rules apply – send me you requests at and I’ll do my best to have them ready for you.

Rules of engagement:

  • please specify DVD or Blu Ray and have some back up requests in case we don’t have everything that you’re looking for. Remember our deals – 5 old titles for $15 or 3 New Releases for the price of 2.
  • please specify which store you will be picking up at. Very important for obvious reasons.
  • e-transfers (to the above address) work great for fast and easy in and out service. You can also pay in-store with cash, debit or credit card. You decide!
  • bring a bag, keep a safe distance from fellow travelers and be patient (what else do you have to do?)
  • please return your films as others would like to take them home.

And let’s be careful out there.

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