Black Dog Newsletter October 24 – 31 “Flea Riddled Edition!”

14606503_580938555449543_5956480974770407706_nThis coming Sunday (30th), Black Dog will have a fancy table at the Wise Hall Flea Market! There will be lots of cool DVDs (plenty of horror just in time for you-know-what!) up for grabs starting at $5 a piece. We will also feature some rare and out-of-print titles at varying prices. Hope to see your lovely faces come Sunday.

Also! Drop by the Cambie hood for some special Halloween surprises as mentioned in this here poster.


New Releases!


Blood Father – Mad Mel is back (did he ever really go away?) as Blood Daddy, an ex-con who’s trying to protect his daughter from some not-so-nice drug dealers. It’s Mad Mel doing what he does best, being mad and shootin’ guys.


Captain Fantastic – Viggo Mortensen (Lord of the Rings guy) stars in this fine little indie effort as a dad (not a blood daddy) trying to raise his large brood on the outskirts of society. What happens when those outskirts just become skirts and they have to face the ways of the world? Watch and find out!


The Daughter – Dude returns home for his dad’s wedding (that sounds a little weird right off the bat) only to unearth a long-buried family secret. I’m guessing that it’s not a very happy secret, like that he’s really a wizard or something, but a drama-heavy, bumming out everyone around him kind of secret.


Jack Irish Season 1 and Jack Irish Movies – Guy Pearce is all tough-guy like in this series of films and Season 1 of the TV show about a tough-guy investigator who investigates things around the town. Looks pretty excellent in a tough-guy, noirish kind of way.


Lights Out – Pretty good horror number about some sort of entity haunting a family that, for some reason, can only be seen when the lights are out. It could have been better and could have been worse but some effective scares and a short running time make for a fun, jolty night on the couch.


Nerve – Spunky teen gets involved in an online (computer speak) game of truth or dare. Of course, things start to go off the rails or this would be a pretty boring movie.


Utopia Season 2 – Intense, violent and a bit crazy TV dealy from England finds a bunch of folks, drawn together by a mysterious graphic novel, being hunted down by some nasties from something called The Network. Good times.

Coming Soon!

Bad Moms
My Love, Don’t Cross That River
Outlander Season 2
Star Trek Beyond!
Uncle Nick

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Banshee Season 4
Americans Season 3
Lights Out
Captain Fantastic
Blood Father
Night Of
The Wailing
Weiner Dog

Last thing to mention (almost)…follow along with us for our countdown to Black Dog’s Favourite 100 Horror Films of All-Time! Everyday we recommended a film to be concluded at the end of the month by a swell, well-thought out (hah!) list.

And one more tiny little thing…we just got a nice neat order of Criterions for your pleasure. They look something like this…


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