Black Dog Newsletter May 4th to 10th “First Week of May Edition!”

Wow. May is here already. What’s next, June? Spring be sprung after a grossly mild winter. Get your sweet butt out of the house, dance in the grass, pet that dog, eat a croissant, watch what we got. You know that you want to.

New Releases


Black or White – Good old Kevin Costner is in a custody battle to retain the rights to his granddaughter (who is black) that he helped raise over her entire life. Race relations aren’t going so well in the US of A at the moment if you haven’t noticed. Maybe this film will help cure all of that? Because, really, is there anything Kevin Costner can’t do?


Black Sea – Been a while since we had a cool submarine movie! Dreamy Jude Law has to square up with some shadowy folks so he takes a job driving a submarine (do folks still drive submarines?) to look for the famed Black Sea – another sub rumoured to be full of gold! Gold I tells, ya!


50 Shades of Grey – Well here it is. Whips, chains and anal beads. I haven’t seen this (yet) but with IMDB key words such as perversion, spanking, female rear nudity, helicopter, based on a novel, sex toy, pubic hair, rich man poor woman, four word title, coitus, critically bashed, glider, ice cube, merkin wig, wine drinking, tied up while barefoot, kissing in an elevator, whip, jogging, pulling down pants, macbook air laptop and alternative lifestyle, I can’t wait! This movie has pretty much everything!


Gone with the Pope – Famed cult oddity originally filmed in 1975 (but never finished – until a couple of years ago) about a dude who plans to kidnap the Pope and ransom him off and make every Catholic to pay $1 for his release. Sweet plan, bro. I have it on good authority that this film is fantastic!


Halt and Catch Fire – TV series that chronicles the rise and fall and rise of computers in the 1980s. I tired to tell everyone back then that computers were a waste of time and money, that they were just a fad. I still stand behind my words. Time will tell, my friends, time will tell.


Masters of Sex Season 2 – Haven’t seen season 1 yet but I hear on good authority that this is a pretty great show. Come on, you know that you want to…


Mr. Turner – Most excellent film from the very excellent Mike Leigh stars the always excellent Timothy Spall as famed painter J.M.W. Turner in this bio-pic. Expect some great acting, a little painting and some fine top hats.


Playing it Cool – Nice little rom-com finds Captain America trying to write a screenplay or novel or opera (not too sure) about love and stuff. Problem is, he’s never had a successful relationship. What’s a guy to do? Fine cast – Aubrey Plaza (best name, like, ever!), Michelle Monaghan, Topher Grace, Martin Starr and Patrick Warburton as Dick, enliven the proceedings.


Selma – Excellent drama about Martin Luther King’s campaign for equality and the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama in 1965. I’d like to say that race relations have come a long way in the USA but that really isn’t true, is it? Where’s Kevin Costner when you need him?

Coming Next Week

Beloved Sisters
The Cobbler
Last Five Years
Still Alice

Recently Viewed and Recommended

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Have a great week, Vancouver. Keep it real.

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