Black Dog Newsletter May 30 – June 5th “Raffle This Edition!”


So my sprog is selling raffle tickets for his school, (Lord Nelson) and being the good dad that I am, I offered to sell them at the Commercial store to help him out. Drop by and make me look like a hero by getting in on the action! There’s some sweet prizes to win, including 2 nights at Creekside Cottage in Sechelt, some acupuncture, escape room tickets, indoor rock climbing and maybe even a famed Black Dog punch card! Plus other stuff! Come on in, rent some swell films and make me look good (and help out the school as well)!

New Releases


Dark Angel – Awesome looking PBS concoction about Britain’s first (known) woman serial killer. Joanne Froggatt (doesn’t get much more British sounding than that!), of Downton Abbey fame, stars as Mary Ann Cotton, who poisoned her way through England back in the day.


Land of Mine – Oscar-nominated fare from Denmark tells the true tale of captured German POW’s in WWII who were forced to clear the Danish coast of landmines that they had put there. Tough job.


Things to Come – Well-received drama stars the always amazing, Isabelle Huppert, as a woman whose life is turned upside down when her husband of 25 years tells her that he’s outta here. Much drama and life-reinventing, I presume, ensues.


The Void – Cool, much-acclaimed, weirdo horror flick about a hospital with something lurking in the basement. If you’re looking for some pure cosmic dread, then this is the stop you want to get off at.

Coming Soon!

Beauty and the Beast
A Cure for Wellness
United Kingdom
Sense of an Ending
The Assignment
The Young Pope Season 1
The Red Turtle
The Salesman

Looking for something awesome to watch this weekend? We can help. Click here for Black Dog’s top 100 films of all time list or if you want something a little fresher, click here for some great new releases we think you may enjoy.

Talk at ya next week.

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