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Hello movie watchers!

Have you heard of a trilogy of music documentaries called The Decline of Western Civilization? Well they’re really good and finally being released for the first time ever on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 30th. If you would like us to pre-order you a copy please let us know before June 4th. The DVD box set costs $39.99 and the Blu-Ray box set costs $57.99.

New Releases

What We Do In the ShadowsAn excellent comedy from New Zeland, starring and directed by Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords and Gentlemen Broncos. The movie is a mockmentary that follows a group of roommates who happen to be vampires as they navigate through the modern world. This is the best comedy to come in to the store in a long time. Don’t miss it!

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus
A Spike Lee joint about an archaeologist who is compelled to drink blood after an encounter with an ancient artifact. The synopsis is very adamant that he IS NOT A VAMPIRE though. It seems like Spike Lee protests too much. Perchance he’s a vampire in denial?

Seventh Son
Jeff Bridges plays a dragon-vanquishing warrior out to discover a hero from an ancient prophecy that will conquer the dark queen Julianne Moore. Looks like a fun fantasy romp for the whole family.

Let Us Prey
A horror thriller about a police woman starting a new job in a small Scottish town only to be terrorized by a mysterious prisoner who can telepathically drive people insane. Sounds fun!

Cut Bank
A dark crime thriller about small town murder. Sheriff John Malkovich is on the case in his 10-gallon hat. Bruce Dern undoubtedly plays a crusty old grouch.

Kidnapping Mr. Heineken
Based on the true story about three childhood friends who hatch a brilliant idea to kidnap the heir to the Heineken fortune (Anthony Hopkins) and hold him for an exorbitant ransom. Sounds like a great plan, turkeys.

3 Coeurs
French romantic movie about a love triangle involving Charlotte Gainsbourg and two other people. French people really need to stop falling in love so much.

The Loft
A thriller about five friends who share a secret penthouse where they can go to indulge in their grossest fantasies until a woman turns up dead there and they have to come to terms with the fact that one of them must be involved. Well they’re all creeps for sure, but which one of them is a murderer?

Hello Ladies – Season 1 and Hello Ladies: THE MOVIE
An HBO series that stars Stephan Merchant as he makes his way from across the pond to L.A. to find true love. But is this tall, gawky, petty and stingy guy cut out for life in Hollyweird? Nope. Classic fish out of water awkwardness ensues. Also they made a movie to finish off the series.

Ray Donovan – Season 2
Liev Schreiber plays a man who fixes celebrity problems, but can’t control his own family. Jon Voight plays his ex-con father.

Older Titles New to the Store

Sonny Boy
Pintu Terlarang

Recently Viewed and Recommended

What We Do In the Shadows
The Grand Budapest Hotel
They Came Together
The Trip to Italy
Inherent Vice
Kroll Show
Broad City
Inside Amy Schumer
Parks and Recreation
Game of Thrones
Adventure Time
Silicon Valley

Coming Soon

Dancing on the Edge
The Taking of Tiger Mountain
Elephant Song
The SpongeBob Movie
Monsters: Dark Continent
Parks and Recreation – Season 7
Trailer Park Boys – Season 9

Have a nice week.

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