Black Dog Newsletter May 17-23 “Hittin’ the Big Time Edition!”


It’s a book!

Those of you long timers at the Cambie shop might remember our former Black Dogger, Kier-la. She ran the super-cool Cinemeurte film festival years ago. Well she moved on to bigger and brighter things since leaving the nest. A couple of years ago she wrote a fine book called House of Psychotic Women. It’s a good read, check it out. Well now it’s being turned into a TV series! How cool is that? Check it out here.

New Releases!


10,000 Saints – Holy moly, that’s a lot of saints. Where did they get all those saints? Nice looking indie drama with indie mainstay Ethan Hawke as one of a few screwed up individuals living in New York’s East Village in the 1980’s. Expect a cool soundtrack as well but don’t blame us if there’s, like, only 8,500 or so saints.


Afterlife Season 1 and 2 – Cool, spooky TV series finds Rick from The Walking Dead as a university prof who gets himself entangled in some supernatural shenanigans after teaming up with a medium (not a small or a large but a medium). Count me tickled to check this out!


Attenberg – Weird and crazy (same thing really) coming of age Greek film about a 23 year-old girl growing up in a dull town. She spends her time watching David Attenberg docs (hence the title) and hanging out with her only friend, Bella. Then a visiting engineer comes to to town (played by the director of Dogtooth and The Lobster).


Dirty Grandpa – Sigh. Can we just have DeNiro stop making movies for a while. Is his agent insane? Is he? Why would he subject himself to a Dirty Grandpa? (The Canadian DVD cover has old man DeNiro standing there with his pants around his ankles – check your dignity at the door). It would have to be very crass and gross, along the lines of a Bad Santa, to make this crap worthwhile. I’m guessing that it’s not (I haven’t seen it). The plot? DeNiro and his grandson, Zac Efron, go to Florida march break for some Dirty Grandpa hijinks. Sigh.


Eisenstein in Guanajuato – New Peter Greenaway film (Cook the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover) about famed the Russian filmmaker (Battleship Potemkin) getting away from it all in Mexico where he ends up making a film about sex and death. I’m sure that it’s ravishingly beautiful and full of long words and weirdness as many a Greenaway films are.


Southbound – Horror thriller type of affair concerning 5 interlocking tales of terror that envelope some travellers on a desolate stretch of deserted highway. Never leave home.


The VVitch – Most excellent scary horror chiller set in the olden days (so olden in fact they didn’t have any Ws to spell words with so they had to use two Vs) about a family living in the middle of nowhere who are beset upon by the forces of evil. Put this one in your DVD player and watch it!

Coming Soon!

Janis: Little Girl Blue
The Last Kingdom
Call the Midwife S5
The Finest Hours
How to Be Single
Zoolander 2
We & The I

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Mustang (check out the review in this week’s Straight)
The VVitch
World of Kanako
The Club
Son of Saul
Banshee Season 3

For more fabulous picks check these out here.

That’s it for this week folks. Stay hydrated, stay safe and remember, keep watching.

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