Black Dog Newsletter May 16 – 22 “Pod People Edition!”


So after months of laborious labour, after many movies watched, after an unknowable number of beers consumed, the Black Dog After Dark podcast is finally ready to assault your senses!! Here’s the meat – myself and my two cohorts, Alex and Dylan (plus the odd special guest), return to the movies of our youth, watch them, talk about them and judge them as whether they still hold up or not. Do we still love them? Are they still great? Or are they actually terrible? Who knows? Join in the fun as the three of us sit around Black Dog after close (hence the title), enjoy some tasty beverages and prattle on about movies and other time-worthy subjects. Link can be found here.

New Releases!


15:17 to Paris – Latest Clint Eastwood film (for better or for worse) finds 3 American dudes (all played be the actual dudes!) on a train from Amsterdam to Paris (no, not Milan to Minsk) who end up thwarting a terrorist attack on said (probably titular) train. Way to go America!


Early Man – Latest wonder from Nick Park over at Aardman studios (Wallace and Gromit etc.) finds a caveman named Dug who leads his tribe against a mighty enemy called Lord Nooth who threatens their way of life and so forth. DVD just arrived, Blu Ray and more DVDs on the way.


Game Night – Jason Bateman and Rachael McAdams star in this much ballyhooed comedy/action piece about some gamers who become embroiled in a real-life mystery! Just once I’d like to become embroiled in a real-life mystery! Just once! Maybe twice.


Mary and the Witch’s Flower – Sweet, fun-looking Japanese animation flick about a girl who discovers magical flowers that gives her magical powers. Probably good for your magical kids.


Red Sparrow – Jennifer Lawrence is a tough sexy Russian ballerina/spy/assassin/seductress in this action extravaganza.

Coming Soon

The Party
Wrinkle in Time
Death Wish

That’s it for this week folks! Stay safe, stay hydrated, stay out of the dreaded sun. Rent some movies!

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