Black Dog Newsletter March 9th to 16th – “Daylight Savings Edition!”


I hope that everyone has adjusted to the Daylight Savings silliness. I mean really, why do we still do this? Seems pretty pointless. And I bet that I’m not the only one who feels this way (cue that Peter Frampton song). I’ll leave you with this clip from John Oliver for proof…

New Releases !


Code Black – Documentary about a real tough inner city E.R. (Emergency Room) known as the “hurt locker of medicine”. I guess they’re diffusing bombs and getting shot at a lot. Lousy inner city! Supposed to be pretty intense and pretty amazing.


The Humbling – A short, yelly stage actor (Pacino), who is slowly losing his mind (cue some over-acting), starts a relationship with a young lesbian woman (Gerwig). This sounds like it might be pretty terrible and potentially embarrassing but it’s directed by Barry Levinson from a Philip Roth novel. So it has that going for it.


Night at the Museum 3 : Secret of the Secrets – Or something like that. More museum shenanigans. I haven’t seen any of these films but if you like the first two, there’s a chance you’ll like this one. Another one of Robin Williams last roles.


The Notebook – Tough Hungarian WWII drama finds two siblings enduring the horrors of war while trying to survive the horrors of war. (At Commercial, soon to Cambie)


Outlander Season 1 – Kind of a sci-fi history, romance, action, swords and the like type TV show that finds a WWII nurse swept back into Scotland of 1743 where she encounters a dashing Scotsman and some peril. Terrible peril. Heard really good things about this despite my rambling synopsis.


Serena – Not to be confused with Selma (you are welcome to confuse the two on your own). This one finds Bradley Cooper (the talking raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy) as a timber baron who falls for a lady named Serena (Hungry Games‘ Jennifer Lawrence). Weren’t these two just in a movie together? She likes to dance and he wears a garbage bag? Maybe they’re next next Bogie and Bacall? The next Reynolds and Deluise?


Wolf Cop – Now here’s a film I can sink my teeth into! Get it?! An alcoholic cop finds that he’s been turned into a wolf-man (or werewolf if you please) for some reason. So, with the aid of his partner, he sets out to find out what’s going on! And it’s Canadian!

Coming Next Week!

Before I go to Sleep
Halo: Nightfall
Penguins of Madagascar
Song of the Sea
Top Five

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

The Homesman
Fargo Season 1
Banshee Season 1
The Americans Season 1 and 2
Life Itself
The Guest

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Stay real, Vancouver.

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