Black Dog Newsletter March 30 to April 5th “Easter Edition!”


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I don’t know if Swanson, my 9 year-old, still believes in the Easter Bunny but if he does then the Easter Bunny is an enormous rabbit who lives in the clouds and raises millions of chickens who “poop out eggs” for all the children of the world. Happy Easter weekend, folks.

New Releases


Boardwalk Empire Season 5 – Nucky wraps up his life of crime along with all of the other great characters on this fine shoe. (Sorry it’s a bit late getting on the shelves)


Gemma Bovery – Charming, in an oh-so-English-way, charmer about an ex-Parisian who settles in England somewhere. He notices the folks who move in beside him are remarkably similar to the main characters in the Flaubert novel he idolizes. Charming, no?


Grantchester – From what I can glean of the cover it seems that a young, handsome, but tough in a knuckle-sandwich type of way, priest investigates some wrongdoings in the town of Grantchester. I bet he plays by his own rules.


Imitation Game – Handsome Benedict Cumberblorgh is Alan Turning who used his strong math skills to break the enigma code for the allies during WWII. Pretty fascinating story. Especially if you like handsome mathematicians.


Inside Amy Schumer – Very funny lady and her very funny TV show.


Interstellar – Christopher Nolan shoots Mathew Mchonegay threw a wormhole. Something about saving all of mankind. No pressure there. Haven’t seen this yet (want to) but I’m always a little apprehensive about Nolan’s films as they tend to look nice but ultimately disappoint.


Killers – Balls out crazy violent flick about a psychopathic Japanese executive who gets involved with an equally disturbed journalist. You had me at psychopathic Japanese executive.


Outcast – Crazy hairy-looking Nic Cage (is there any other kind these days?) shows up in this action-type thing about a mysterious warrior who teams up with a couple of siblings to depose an evil Chinese emperor.


The Rewrite – Huge Grant is an Oscar-winning writer who goes to California to shake off his slumpy writers block. There he meets Marisa Tomei.


Silicon Valley – Excellent HBO comedy show about techies in Silicon Valley. For those of you who like comedy and computers.

Son of a Gun – Ewan McGregor is a notorious Australian gangster who breaks out of Aussie jail. In Australia.


Veep Season 3 – The laughs just keep on coming. Such a good show and Elaine is so damned good in this.


Wild Card – Jason Statham is a Vegas bodyguard with a gambling problem who gets in trouble with the mob. Bad, mob-type trouble. Will he kick and punch and snap and stab his way out of his problems? He usually does.

Whew! That’s a big list.

Coming Soon!

The Babadook
Big Eyes
Foyle’s War Season 8
Goodbye to Language
I Am Steve McQueen
Woman in Black 2
You’re Not You

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Silicon Valley
Listen Up Philip
The One I Love
Song of the Sea
Gone Girl
Banshee Season 1


Be good, Vancouver.

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