Black Dog Newsletter March 29 – April 4 “Shrinkage Issues Edition!”


Oh, George!

So I recently saw a story on the intrawebs detailing how Netflix is suffering from a bout of shrinkage, how they have lost more than 2500 titles in the last couple of years (US Netflix but you can do the math) which equals about 1/3rd of their catalogue. Not too surprising but that’s a huge number. I couldn’t imagine losing a third of our stock. In fact, our collection is ever increasing. Just one more reason to head on down to your local and grab some fine, quality entertainment! That said, it’s a pretty slight selection for new releases this week. But don’t fret as we have scads of great things to tantalize your sweet eyeballs!

New Releases


Cartel Land – Heavy-duty, Oscar nominated documentary about some upstart vigilante type fellows who take on Mexico’s murderous drug cartels. Might make a nice double bill with Sicario. Or maybe a nice double bill with Love, Actually if that previously mentioned double bill is too heavy for you.


Concussion – Will Smith puts away the smarm and breaks out his acting boots to play a real life doctor who uncovers the truth about why football players keep getting concussions. I dunno, maybe it’s because 300 pound monsters run full speed at each other head-first like a couple of mountain goats vying for the attention of the lady mountain goats? My head hurts just writing about this.


Point Break – The remake that we’ve all been waiting for! My belly button has been puckering and un-puckering with anticipation ever since I heard about this! Same story – a young FBI guy infiltrates some extreme sports guys who’ve been doing some extreme heists and everyone high fives and gets all extreme. Soundtrack by Extreme. But really, no Swayze, no Canoe Reeves, what’t the point?


Veteran – Fun-looking action comedy from Korea finds a gritty detective going after a spoiled rich kid who keeps buying his way out of the crimes he commits. Or as the IMDB description puts it, “A detective hunts down a young and successful man.” How can you say no to that?!

Coming Soon!

Banshee S3
Break Point
Doc Martin S7
East Side Sushi
The Expanse S1
Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie
Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Cartel Land
The Big Short
Hateful 8
Leftovers S2
Fargo S2
The Editor
Game of Thrones S5

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Have a fine week folks. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Go for a walk, pet a dog, drink wine in the park and remember, keep watching.

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