Black Dog Newsletter March 22nd to 28th “Beer and Hockey Edition!”


Now that’s some Old Time Hockey!

Just wanted to throw some words out to you about a cool charity event that I’m involved in this weekend. I’ll be playing some hockey at a charity beer festival at Britannia Ice Rink this coming Saturday (26th). There will be hockey and beer and music and beer and a little hockey and even some beer! Check out the details here.

New Releases!


All Roads Lead to Rome – Ugh. Why did I get this? Horse-headed Sarah Jessica Parker goes to Italy to reconnect with her daughter, eat some hay and get mixed up in some romantic hijinks. I apologize in advance if you accidentally watch this.


Daddy’s Home – Uptight step-dad Will Farrell is trying to get his step-children to love him and call him dad. Marky-Mark, who’s their real father and drives a motorcycle (so you know he’s a badass), returns home and causes problems. This is the kind of comedy that, listed under plot keywords on the IMDB , one can find things such as “basketball hitting special needs child in the face” and “basketball hitting cheerleader in the face”. Let the hilarity ensue.


Don Verdean – A biblical archeologist, who’s fallen on hard times for some reason, starts to bend the truth about his discoveries. Bring on the comedy! From the doods who brought you Napoleon Dynamite. Stars Sam Rockwell so it has that going for it.


Flowers – Spanish film about a woman who receives flowers on a regular basis but without a note. It’s a mystery! I never get flowers anymore. Makes me sad.


Forsaken – Some Sutherlands (Donald and Kiefer) get together to fight some ruthless land barons in this gritty western. I’ll see your two Sutherlands and raise you one Demi Moore! Call!


Hateful Eight – Tarantino’s latest is a western that finds a bunch of potty-mouthed criminals and bounty hunters holed up in a shack in the middle of winter. There’s a mystery to be solved and bullets to be fired and the “N” word to be thrown around. Pretty fun flick (not near the top of the QT canon), if overly long, with a stellar cast (Walton Freakin’ Goggins!) and boasts some amazing cinematography.


Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II – The last instalment in the Hungry Games series finds Katniss and the rebels storming the capital to take out Donald Sutherland (again!) and restore order to the hungry lands.


Midwinter of the Spirit – Intense and scary looking British TV show about a female exorcist and all the exorcizing she must do. I need more exorcizing I have to say. Getting old.

Coming Soon!

Cartel Land
Point Break
Banshee Season 3
Break Point

Recently Viewed and Recommended

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That’s it for this week folks. Spring has sprung, love is in the air (is that what that smell is?) and there’s movies to be watched. Hope to see you soon.

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