Black Dog Newsletter June 26 – July 3 “School’s Out Edition!”


Yep, it’s that time of year again, the sun is getting hotter, dogs are getting lazier and the sprogs are out for summer vacation. It was the best time of year when I was a kid and it’s still pretty good as an adult, I guess. It’s also the slower time of year for Black Dog so please keep us in mind when it’s rainy or sunny and you need something to do to entertain the little ones. Hope to see you soon and that y’all have an amazing and safe summer!

New Releases!


As the Gods Will – Bunch of high school kids in Japan are forced to play games where the loser is killed. Sounds a little like Battle Royal. Okay, sounds a lot like Battle Royal.


Blockers – Bunch of meddling parents get wind of a plan by their kids to lose their virginity on prom night! Of course, they try to “block” them – hence the lame title – and of course, comedy and embarrassing parental situations ensue. Currently at “69” on Metacritic.


El Sur – Lovely Spanish film from Spain about a little girl that lives in the north and is fascinated with mystical tales of life in the south. From the Criterion collection.


The Endless – Ooh! I’m very much looking forward to this little horror sci-fi number. A couple of brothers return to the cult they grew up in only to find that the group’s beliefs may not be as crazy as they once thought. Cults, man, I tell ya.


Gemini – Cool and interesting and cool looking mystery thriller that involves a murder, a famous actress, an over-zealous assistant and a meddling detective. Colour me intrigued!


The Last Post – Much heralded TV series about a British squad fighting a Yemeni insurgency in the Middle East circa 1965.


7 Days in Entebbe – Either a coming of age sex-romp about some kids who spend a week frolicking on the beaches of Entebbe or an intense account of that 1976 plane hijacking and the ensuing rescue attempt. Can’t decide which one I’m hoping for.


Terminal – Sci-fi thingy about the intertwining lives of a couple assassins, a dying teacher, a waitress leading a double life, a weird janitor and a fella controlling events who’s also hell-bent on revenge for some reason.


Tragedy Girls – Fun, recommended, horror-comedy about a couple of death-obsessed teenage girls who have a show about real-life tragedies that they use to send their little town into a tizzy. I can get behind that.

Coming Soon!

Escape Plan 2: Hades
Journey’s End
Another Wolfcop
Where is Kyra?
A Quiet Place
Lean on Pete

That’s it for this week folks. We’re hoping to have a new podcast ready for your eager ears this weekend but I think that Dylan is having some technical issues. Also, we should have it on iTunes very soon as well. So nobody freak out, OK?

And if you need some current suggestions on what to watch, click HERE!

Till next week, my lovelies…

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