Black Dog Newsletter June 14 – 20 “Best of…Edition”


The only known photo of Italian Day, 2016 in existence.

I hope that everyone survived Italian Day on Sunday over on the Drive. It was pretty bonkers as you can tell from this photo. Get ready to do it all over again this Sunday for Car Free Day. You’d think they might want to space those events a little further apart.

Here at Black Dog Laboratories we strive to bring you the best of what cinema has to offer. In keeping with our commitment to excellence we’ve come up with another Best of Things List. This time around, may we present to you our favourite Cult Films of all time! I’m not even sure how to define a Cult Film. Where do I start? Read more…

New Releases


45 Years – As Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtney prepare to celebrate their anniversary (presumably their 45th) some shattering news promises to destroy their lives. I wonder what it could be? I’m thinking alien invasion. Maybe the return of Godzilla? Maybe one of them is actually a Scientologist?


10 Cloverfield Lane – After being rescued following a car accident a women is held in a bunker by a couple of fellas, one of them being John Goodman (he’s a good man, that’s probably why his parents named him that), who claim that the outside world is wrecked because of some sort of chemical attack. But what is really going on? Cloverfield Lane eh? Hmmm makes you wonder.


Ballers Season 1 – HBO drama/comedy series centring around some footballer types and their families as they deal with fame and not-so-fame and other things and such. Stars The Rock and Rob Corddry. Don’t know much about it but one fella on the internets sums it up as such…”It’s just great entertainment, beautiful people & cars, good music, tight dresses and tailored suits and no psychic bloating.”


Eddie the Eagle – Did they really need to make a movie about that ski jumping bloke from England who became famous for being that ski jumping bloke from England during the 1988 Winter Olympics? I guess that they did.


Hello My Name is Doris – Sally Field is back and you’ll really like her, you really will, as Doris, a sixty-something woman attempting to woo a much younger co-worker after she attends a self-help seminar. Also stars Tyne Daly as Roz! Let the hilarity begin!


The Legend of Barney Thompson – Robert Carlyle stars and directs himself in this tale of mild mannered barber, Barney Thompson, who’s boring mundane existence is buoyed by the arrival of a serial killer that he starts hanging out with.


Ray Donovan Season 3 – Ray Donovan is back for a third kick at the can as he attempts to “fix” various folk’s problems. Available at Commercial, soon to Cambie.


Regression – Ethan Hawke and Hermoine Granger star in this monster chiller horror thriller about satanic cults and some other nasty business. Directed by the guy who made The Others and Open Your Eyes, so it has that going for it.

Coming Soon!

London Has Fallen
X-Files: The Event Series
Brothers Grimbsy
Hollow Crown
Knight of Cups
Midnoght Special
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2
The Wave

Recently Viewed and Recommended

45 Years
10 Cloverfield Lane
The Expanse Season 1
Hail, Caesar!
The Hunting Ground
The Club

For more fine recommendations punch this out here.

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Picture you in me!

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