Black Dog Newsletter July 6th to 12th – Apocalypse Edition!


Run for your lives!

So with the fires raging in the countryside, the sun blotted out from the sky and no rain for several years, Vancouver feels like it’s under assault from the four horseman of the apocalypse. What were they’re names again? Alan – the fire, smoke and black-lung guy, Brenda – bringer of pestilence, war and bad haircuts, Gary – destroyer of worlds and driving etiquette and Rolando – advisor to Christy Clark? Or something like that. Anyhoo, there is no better time or way to save yourselves and loved ones than by getting your butts into Black Dog and stocking up on some great entertainment! Do it! If not for yourselves but do it for the children (oh I forgot I should mention that all our 7-day rental kids films are only $3 all summer long)!

We’re also working on some future things that will be amazing and fun and amazing for everyone including customer appreciation day, a reworking of our special deals, a new fancy website, and some interactive productions that everyone can get in on and enjoy. Stay tuned here and make sure that you get on our facebook, twitter and our upcoming Instagram social media platforms! You will miss out if and be sad if you don’t!

New Releases!


Decline of Western Civilization 1 – 3 – Just arrived at Commercial, already at Cambie, this amazing series of documentaries, that nobody thought would ever see the light of DVD, features amazing footage and interviews from various Punk Icons, Metal Glam Dudes and what is described as the gutter punk lifestyles of some homeless kids. Well worth your time!


Danny Collins – Old man rock star (Al Pacino) can’t give up his old man rock star, hard-partying ways until he finds a letter that John Lennon wrote to him back in the day. Will Al continue to giv’er or will he try to reconnect with family and friends and maybe even find, gasp!, true love?


Face of an Angel – Latest from Michael Winterbottom finds a journalist and a documentary filmmaker hot on the trail of murder! A murder most foul.


House of Cards Season 3 – Silver-tongue Kevin Spacey is back as the wonderfully evil and slick Frank Underwood as he ascends to the highest power in the land. Who’s he going to murder this season? Good stuff (even if it is from Netflix).


Infini – OK looking sci-fi number finds an elite search and rescue team traveling to another planet to save a guy who’s the lone survivor of a biological outbreak of some sorts? I imagine everything goes quite smoothly and they rescue him and everyone returns home safely.


Kill Me Three Times – (Great now I’ve got that damn song “Killing me Softy” in my stupid head) Professional hitman Simon Pegg (yes, you read that right) botches his latest assignment and finds himself embroiled in 3 tales of murder, blackmail and revenge. I imagine that this might be a comedy?


Merchants of Doubt – Fine documentary that might boil your blood (remember my apocalypse warning!) about spin doctors and how they use their oily techniques to manipulate the truth (I mean lie) about such topics as climate change, big pharmaceuticals, fracking and jazz.


Slow West – Excellent (from what I’ve been told) western that finds a young Scottish lad traveling across America in pursuit of the woman he loves. Stars the always great Michael Fassbender.


Woman in Gold – Helen Mirren takes on the Austrian, or Australian (I can ever tell those two apart), government to try to get back her family’s artwork she says the Nazi’s took during WWII. Damn Nazis.

Coming Next Week

A Chef’s Life
Ex Machina
It Follows
Longest Ride
Riot Club Salt of the Earth

What you Should Watch!

What We Do in the Shadows

Inherent Vice
They Came Together
Inside Amy Schumer
Kroll Show
Broad City
Slow West
Merchants of Doubt
House of Cards Season 3
Decline of Western Civilization

Stay safe, cool and breathe carefully, Vancouver!

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  1. Marilyn Jarvis
    Marilyn Jarvis says:

    Hi there,
    Would you, by any chance, have the old movie “Breaking Away”? Would LOVE to rent it and show it to my grandkids – such a great movie. Thanks, Marilyn Jarvis, Trout Lake


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