Black Dog Newsletter July 5 – 11th “Comedy is Funny Edition!”


Hey baby, want to hear something funny?

You like comedy and laughing and stuff, right? Thought so. On Thursday July 14th, 2016, Black Dog on Commercial Drive will be closing a bit earlier than normal so we can host a comedy extravaganza! Drop on by for some stand-up yuks courtesy of Dylan Rhymer and a host of other local funny people. Check out the deets here.

We’ve been sifting through the enormous pile of films that we’ve just acquired and getting them ready for the gargantuan sale we’re going to throw. It looks like August 5th will be the date. Collectors, mark it on your calendar or wrist computer or whatever one uses for such things. More details are to follow…

New Releases!

(editor’s note – Purolator, our courier, got frightened of the looming postal strike and screwed up our order. We’re told that they should be here sometime today)


Adderall Diaries – James Franco is a writer plagued by past success, drug abuse, writer’s block, maybe bed bugs or crabs, and relationship problems. He takes on an assignment to write about a murder trial. Things slowly (or quickly) go off the rails. Drugs.


Boy and the World – Most excellent award-winning animated feature from Brazil about a boy who goes on a quest to find his dad. The Dad from Ipanema?


By the Sea – Angelina Jolie directs herself and Mr Jolie (Brad Pitt) in this serious drama about a couple unravelling in France. If you’re going to unravel might as well have some good wine and nice cheese for the unravelling, no?


Cemetery of Splendour – Another lovely and amazing and weird film from the Thai fella that made the cool Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. This one is about some soldiers stuck in a small town on the Mekong River who are struck by a strange sleeping sickness. I could use a little of that.


Circle – Cool odd-looking thriller about 50 people who wake up in a mysterious place and they have to choose who lives or dies. Sounds a bit like Cube and the Hunger Games got drunk, spent the night together and had an ugly baby.


Elstree 1976 – Nice little doc about some of the extras who were in the original Star Wars and how it effected their lives. I always wondered what Greedo and Ewok number 4 got up to after all these years.


House of Cards Season 4 -Another excellent season of this fine television program (even if it is from Crapflix).


I Saw the Light – Docudrama about famed country guy Hank Williams (played here by Loki aka Tom Hiddleson). Heard mixed things but you might enjoy it.


Janis: Little Girl Blue – Very good and quite sad doc on the late great Janis Joplin. Watching this I realized, despite how much I liked her, I really couldn’t stand listening to her sing. But that’s just me. I’m old.


The Mermaid – New fun and nutty flick from Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer) about mermaids being threatened by encroaching development. What’s a mermaid to do?!


Second Chance – Intense drama from Suzanne Bier (After the Wedding) that tests Jamie Lannister civility and how far he’ll go for justice when confronted by a devastating tragedy. Let’s hope all the way.


Wallander Season 4 – Kenneth Branagh is back lurching around as a cop trying to solve some mysteries.

Coming Soon!

Mr. Right
The Dresser
Everybody Wants Some!
Green Room
Hardcore Henry
Sleeping Giant

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

The VVitch
Triple 9
Boy and the Beast
Hail, Caesar!

That’s it for this week folks. We’re fully (almost) stocked with Studio Ghibli socks at both stores now but, once again, they’re going fast. Hope to see you soon.

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