Black Dog Newsletter July 12 – 18 “Busy Times Edition!”



Lots happening down at ye olde “Dog” these days. This Thursday we’re having a comedy fiesta at the Commercial Store! Drop by at 9:30 to enjoy the comedy stylings of local jokemeister and Black Dog employee Dylan Rhymer as he welcomes some local comedic talent to put a smile on your face. There will be tasty drinks for sale as well. We’ll be closing the Commercial branch at 9pm to make way for this.

And mark August 5th on your calendars as we’ll be having an immense DVD sale that evening. We’ll be closing the Commercial store at 10pm to get ready for some late night shenanigans as we offer you thousands of excellent DVDs for sale. There’s some truly amazing stuff for you serious and not-so-serious collectors at great prices. Check out the image at the bottom of the newsletter for a taste of what is to come.

And one last thing – we have a couple of nice Totoro iPhone cases for sale at both locations. You’ll be the coolest kid on the block with these wrapped around your smart phone.


Hi-ya, handsome!


New Releases


The Dresser – Sir Ian McKellan combs Sir Anthony Hopkins hair amongst other things in this latest adaptation of the famed play about a famous actor and his manservant guy.


Everybody Wants Some – Sequelish flick to Dazed and Confused finds a bunch of college baseball players learning the ropes of life and stuff. Expect some cool tunes, weed smoking and sexy hijinks.


Green Room – One of my favourite films from last year finds a down-on-their-luck punk band reluctantly taking a gig at a nazi skinhead compound lead by a nasty Patrick Stewart. How cool does that sound? Of course things don’t go very well. Violent, funny and tense. From the guy who made the excellent Blue Ruin.


Hardcore Henry – This one looks bonkers! First person perspective is employed to dizzying effect in this action thriller about a a guy who’s brought back from the dead with no memory and who must fight some evil bad guys in order to save his wife. Or something like that. Really looking forward to this one.


The Little Prince – Nicely animated telling of the famous tale about a young girl who meets up with her magical neighbour, The Aviator, who introduces her to the amazing world of the Little Prince. Looks very nice.


Mr. Right – The lovely Anna Kendrick meets a really nice guy, maybe a Mr. Right? Only thing is, he’s a hitman on the run from the mob. Of course he is. Only in the movies!

Coming Soon!

Batman v Superman
Sleeping Giant
Miles Ahead
The Magicians Season 1
Kill Zone 2
Elvis v Nixon
Born to Be Blue

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

Green Room
The Wave
10 Cloverfield Lane
Boy and the World
House of Cards S4
Janis: Little Girl Blue
The VVitch

And as promised, here’s a taste of things to come at our gargantuan sale…



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