Black Dog Newsletter January 19 to 25 “One More for the Road Edition!”


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New Releases


Deathgasm – Awesome horror-comedy finds two heavy metal dudes fighting an ancient evil known as Aeloth the Blind One who wants to rip apart the very fabric of reality. Whatever that is. Along the way they have to deal with family members, friends and neighbours who have been possessed and have turned into psychotic murderers. Includes not one, but two deaths by giant dildo. Good fun!


Diary of a Teenage Girl – Great coming of age drama/comedy finds a teenage girl having an affair with her mom’s boyfriend. Yikes! This one showed up on a lot of best of the year lists. So there’s that.


Dragon Blade – Strange-looking (why the long faces, everyone?) historical epic finds Oscar-winner Adrian Brody (whatever happened to that guy?) and his big army (not an euphemism for anything) attempting to take over the Silk Road in China. Jackie Chan and, for some reason, John Cusack stand in his way. You read all of that right.


Experimenter – Fine drama about Stanley Milgard (Peter Sarsgaard – kinda rhymes) who was that dude who designed the experiment in which one person was to administer an electric shock to another poor bastard in a different room. The experiment was to see if folks would continue to shock the monkey if told to do so. Make a good double bill with Stanford Prison Experiment.


Everest – Bunch of manly men – The Gyllenhaal, Brolin, Clarke, Hawkes and others – decide to climb Mt. Everest for some stupid reason. It doesn’t go well. Based on true events. I’ve never seen the appeal in doing such a crazy thing. But then I’m afraid of everything.


The Intern – Lame-looking comedy finds Robert DeNiro (I want the Taxi Driver Robert DeNiro back, not this lame, milquetoast, awe-shucks Robert DeNiro) going to work as a senior (no kidding) intern for an online fashion start-up headed by Anne Hathaway and all of her perfect teeth. Do you think that the old dog teaches the youngin’ a trick or two? Sigh.


My Internship in Canada – Canadian comedy from the great province of Quebec finds an MP who, for some reason, holds the deciding vote on whether or not Canada will go to war. With whom, I’m not too sure. I hope it’s Iceland. We’d kick their asses!


The Look of Silence – Another excellent doc (Oscar nominated!) from that guy who made Act of Killing. This is kinda like an extension of that film as it follows an optometrist in Indonesia who tracks down and confronts the maniacs who murdered his brother. A very dangerous thing to do as these awful people are still in power. I spent 2 months in Indonesia last year and it’s such a lovely country and the people so nice it’s hard to imagine the horrors that befell this place all those years ago and that the pricks who did the killing still have never been prosecuted.


Stanford Prison Experiment – Drama thriller about that notorious experiment back in the day where some volunteers were divided up into “guards” and “cons” to see what would happen. I guess the guards, drunk and insane with power didn’t treat the cons all that well. Go figure. Make a good double bill with Experimenter.


Stonewall – Lame (from what I’ve heard and read and heard) retelling of the famous Stonewall incident in 1969 (cops busted a gay club because they were gay and the cops were dicks) and how that lead to the rise of Gay Rights across the land. Directed, for some reason, by Roland Emmerich (Day After Tomorrow).


Straight Outta Compton – Excellent drama-rama chronicling (get it, chronic?) the rise of N.W.A, described as “The most dangerous band in the world”. Guess they never heard of Menudo.


This Changes Everything – Great, important doc follows the amazing Naomi Klein as she tries to save the world from climate change which, of course, will kill us all. Come on people, get out of your cars and off your tanning beds! Let’s save the world! At Cambie, soon to Commercial – my boneheaded distributor sent me something called Arthur and Merlin in place of these. I guess they’re kind of similar.

Coming Soon!

Luther Season 4
Finders Keepers
Northern Soul
Unreal Season 1
Bridge of Spies
Samurai Cop 2

Recently Viewed and Recommended!

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Mr. Robot S1

For more swell recommendations click here. See y’all next week! Hugs and kisses.

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