Black Dog Newsletter for week of December 2nd – 8th


Hello December!

It’s that time of year now which means that certain radio stations have become unlistenable and everyone seems a bit more on edge than usual. Never fear, we’re here to help distract you from the holiday madness and the snow outside with some quality watching material.

Also, stay warm with a fine garment from your favourite local video store! They’re going fast and make excellent Christmas gift things for the ones you love!


Looks at those babies!

New movies this week:


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Sadly this installment of the franchise does not star James Franco, as it is set decades after the last film. The hyper-intelligent apes are now at war with humans after civilization has been devastated due to a pandemic. Sounds like a real feel-good movie.


The Hundred Food Journey
Lasse Hallstrom is back with another one. Helen Mirren plays a fancy, snobby French chef who antagonizes an Indian man who opens a restaurant nearby. If you liked Salmon Fishing in the Yemen or Chocolat you’ll probably like this too!


As Above So Below
The guy who played Ginsberg on Mad Men is now an explorer in the catacombs beneath Paris. Sounds romantic, right? Wrong! It’s super terrifying and horrific and spooky down there so watch this one with the lights on.


Third Person
Holy jeez there’s a lot of actors in this movie. They all play a bunch of rich couples having various love affairs in Rome, Paris and New York. I can’t even afford to visit these cities let alone live there and pay rent and have tumultuous love affairs. Also from the guy who made Crash. Take that for what it’s worth.


The Calling
The staunch Susan Sarandon plays a small town sheriff who stumbles upon a string of murders which turns out to be the work of a spooky serial killer. So many serial killers out there preying on small towns. Everyone be careful.


Turks and Caicos
Here’s the sequel to the 2011 movie Page Eight. This is the second film in the Johnny Worricker Spy trilogy. It’s pretty fun to say “Turks and Caicos”, don’t you think? Also this movie looks like it has the best cast ever.


Salting the Battlefield
The final film in the Johnny Worricker Spy trilogy. If Turks and Caicos left you feeling unfulfilled here’s the resolution, plus now Voldemort is in the cast. What could be better?


To Kill a Man
A Chilean film about a man who is sick and tired of being caught in between thugs and ineffectual police decides to take matters in to his own hands. Sounds like some risky business, mister.


A retro French Canadian coming of age movie. If that doesn’t grab you then you should probably just go fly a kite. A French Kite.


Broad City – Season 1
Wowza! This show is so great. I accidentally stayed up until 4 AM watching every single episode in one sitting. The show centres around two twenty-somethings in New York who don’t have much ambition. Reminiscent of the show Girls but less annoying and much funnier, or like Flight of the Conchords but with ladies and no singing. Also features comedians like Amy Pohler, Amy Sedaris, Rachel Dratch, and Fred Armisen in hilarious and memorable cameos. This will not disappoint.


Justified – Season 5
Handsome man, Timmy the Elephant is back as a cowboy hat-wearing man who is also a Marshal in rural Kentucky. I have never seen this show and barely know what it’s about but people seem to like it and rent it so you should probably check it out.

Coming Soon:

Guardians of the Galaxy
This Is Where I Leave You
Saint Laurent
I, Origins
When The Game Stands Still

Recently Viewed and Recommended:

Broad City – Season 1
Portlandia – Season 2
Drunk History – Seasons 1 & 2
Adventure Time – Seasons 1, 2, 3 & 4
Obvious Child
22 Jump Street
The Edge of Tomorrow
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Tom At the Farm

If thats not enough, here’s some more!

Have a nice week. Wear some mittens and a scarf.

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