Black Dog Newsletter for Week July 20th to 27th “Damn Hot Edition”


Glad this fan blows.

Is anyone else out there starting to get worried that this damn hot weather might be the norm rather than just an abnormally long, dry stretch? Is this what the future holds? Is that new documentary, Mad Max: Fury Road, what we have to look forward to? Are we doomed? Best to stay inside with some cool  flicks.

New Releases

5 Flights Up
 – Comedy/drama that finds elderly couple Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton getting the boot from their apartment and having to find new digs elsewhere. Moving sucks. Moving when you’re old sucks even harder.

Girlhood – Excellent drama about a girl who joins a gang. Is the thug life all it’s cracked up to be or does she become disillusioned and want something better for herself? Watch and find out! At Commercial, soon to Cambie.

Maggie – Ah-nold dials is down a few notches to play the anguished dad of a young girl who is slowly turning into a cannibalistic zombie (those are the worst kind of zombies). It’s tough being a parent, dealing with teenagers and brain eating and all that.

Noir – Fine Canadian effort that revolves around a bunch of immigrants trying to make a go of it in Montreal. I think that there may be a gun involved. 

Timbuktu – Excellent film about a cattle herder and his family chilling in Timbuktu (that place actually exists!) whose lives are upended by some nasty Jihadists. Nominated for an Oscar.

Welcome to Me – Kristin Wiig wins the lottery, goes off her meds and buys a talk show. Much hilarity ensues. At Commercial, soon to Cambie.

Wyrmwood – Fun-sounding zombie apocalypse movie that finds a talented mechanic trying to save his sister from a mad doctor amongst hordes of flesh eating monsters in the wasteland known as Australia. I can get behind that. 

Coming Next Week

5 to 7
Kung Fu Killer
Clouds of Sils Maria
Water Diviner
White God

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Welcome to Me
What we Do in the Shadows
It Follows
Ex Machina
Slow West
Inherent Vice
Wild Tales

That’s it for this week, folks. Stay hydrated and wear a big hat.

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  1. wacka wacka
    wacka wacka says:

    No offence, but is Darren ever going to do the newsletter again? I miss pissing myself laughing once a week.

    • Bossman
      Bossman says:

      Hah! I’ve got some good news and some bad news; Good news – I am doing it again (the last two have been mine). Bad news- I’m not doing a very good job! I will do my best to make you pee your pants on the next one!

      Thanks for caring,



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