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Late charges. Nobody likes to pay them, we hate to have to charge them. If there’s one negative thing, and thee only negative thing, one can say about your favourite local video rental shoppe is the eventuality of late charges. It was another time, another provence, another life when I was a renter and hated confronting the ugly Medusa-like head of late fees. I was a very frequent renter (no surprise there) and almost always on time but when I was slapped for being late (not literally slapped but sometimes that may have been preferred) I would get quite pissed off. If only because I was a good renter and almost always never late. Come on, Thomas Video, give a guy a break! Here at Black Dog we try to be very understanding and compassionate when it comes to the nasty late charges. I imagine that there are a number of fine folk who just don’t come back into the stores for fear of an embarrassing late charge or maybe for a film that one has lost. But we’re reasonable people. We care. We understand. So come on back in, let’s sit down and talk about it. We’ll make you feel better. Maybe a hug is in order?

I remember back in the day…read more..

Next Saturday at the Commercial location there’s gonna be a happenin’ transpiring. Local musician Jason Zumpano will be spinning some records including his new LP Custodian from his latest outfit, The Cyrillic Typewriter, in the store from 3 to 5 in the afternoon (be weird if it was 3-5 in the morning). Jason describes it as essentially a soundtrack to a non existent film. Come on by, take a listen, rent a film. Everyone walks away happy.

New Releases for Tuesday September 24th

Apres Mai – AKA Something in the Air – Fine French filmmaker Olivier Assayas writes and directs this semi-autobiographical tale for a young couple in 1968 France participating in protests, wanting to start a revolution and other hippie shenanigans. [youtube][/youtube]

The Croods – Animated cavemen (Nic Cage and Ryan Reynolds – not much a stretch in the casting department there) and cavewomen (Emma Stone and others) go on a quest for fire or something in this pretty good family fare.

Dans la Maison – AKA In the House – Fine French filmmaker François Ozon writes and directs this tale of a high school French teacher who gets increasingly drawn into a precocious student’s increasingly transgressive story about his relationship with a friend’s family. Got that? [youtube][/youtube]

The Deep – No, it’s not the famed Jacqueline Bisset wet t-shirt/moray eel film from the 70’s but a fine looking Icelandic thriller from the director of Contraband about a guy who’s fishing boat sinks and he tries to survive in the frigid arctic waters. Can’t say for sure if he just wears a white cotton t-shirt in it or not.  [youtube][/youtube]

Fill the Void – I just filled the void with some leftover paella and eggs. Boy am I stuffed! Sorry…Award-winning film from Israel about a lovely young woman forced into getting married to some old coot.  [youtube][/youtube]

Hannibal Season 1 – Most excellent, surprisingly so, series about murderers – how many serial killers are running around in Minnesota anyways? Add the great Mads Mikkelsen as the titular “hero” for even more awesomeness. Takes place before the events of Silence of the Lambs. Very well filmed – I could just watch Mads cook and eat his way through the show. Good stuff! [youtube][/youtube]

Iron Man 3 – Ho-hum sequel to Iron Man 2 reduces Tony Stark to a smarmy wuss who experiences panic attacks for no reason. Lame bad guys – didn’t explain what or who they even were. Lazy filmmaking. Better than the second one, not as good as number one. Had a few funny lines but mostly a pedantic, lame script bereft of any fun or believable ideas. Hopefully this will be the last one. Please? Also on the Blu Ray.  [youtube][/youtube]

Kings of Summer – Most excellent (from what I’ve heard) coming of age tale about 3 friends who decide to build a house in the woods for themselves over the course of an eventful summer. Think of a combination of Stand by Me, Moonrise Kingdom and Cannibal Holocaust (well maybe not Cannibal Holocaust). (Will be late getting on the shelves at Cambie – our apologies) [youtube][/youtube]

Modern Family Season 4 – Ok comedy keeps winning the Emmy for best comedy series for some reason. I guess folks enjoy comedies where everyone over-acts, yells their lines and the kids are oh-so-precocious. [youtube][/youtube]

Redemption – AKA Hummingbird – Action man Jason Statham is a broken ex-special forces dude on the lam who assumes the identity of hit man or something in London’s underground crime scene. [youtube][/youtube]

Unfinished Song – Grumpy and awesome Terence Stamp joins his deceased wife’s weirdo choir for some reason in this uplifting tale.  [youtube][/youtube]

V/H/S 2 – Second, and from what I hear, superior film to the first V/H/S/ that finds a couple of investigators investigating the disappearance of a missing student who come across a bunch of old VHS tapes with something nasty on them. Something nasty indeed. Maybe part 3 will be called D/V/D/…also on the B/L/U/ R/A/Y/.

Coming Next Week

This is the End
Frozen Ground
Room 237
The English Teacher

What to Watch

Hannibal Season 1
Orphan Black Season 1
Behind the Candelabra
Bling Ring
World War Z
Phil Spector

Laugh at this if you will. An oldie but a goodie… [youtube][/youtube]

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