Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending September 24th

So there won’t be any newsletter for the next couple of weeks as we’re heading to Mexico for a little vacation. I hope that everyone can survive until October sans this post. It seems that Mexico is the preferred destination for us as we’ve gone there the last 4 years in a row. I love Mexico and I hope to have some good tales to regale you with upon my return. That is, of course, if I’m not kidnapped by drug cartels or gunned down in the street or sacrificed on any alters (a friend was just sharing some nice stories with me of people being flayed alive and having their faces sown onto soccer balls.Thanks, buddy!) No beach action this time around, we’re going to spend a week or so in Mexico city and somewhere down in the state of Chiapas. Should be fun (I hope).

So Disney’s The Avengers hits the shelves on September 25th and we’re not supposed to rent them out (we are though), we are only supposed to sell copies of the film. So we said, OK, let’s do that. In response to Disney’s stupid rental holdback system we decided to give the Mouse House the high hard by selling 5-6 Blu Rays, brand spanking new, for $10 each plus tax! In your face, Disney! If you want to grab the cheapest new Blu Ray you’ll ever score in your entire life they will be available at noon on the 25th – first come first serve. The only hitch is that they don’t come with the original packaging. Please be nice.

Oh and did I mention that we have a fun, nice, fancy Facebook page? I may have, can’t remember. “Like” us there for updates on new stuff in the stores, cool trailers, various things related to, and sometimes not, the movie biz and even a chance to win free rentals. Good times. Tell your friends.

New Releases for Tuesday September 18th

Apartment 143 – Seems like there are a lot of horror films out lately. Lots of ghost story ones as well. This in one of them. A team of parapsychologists try to figure out a strange phenomenon occurring in an apartment building. I’m sure you’re like me when one has to wonder why people just don’t leave the old haunted house/apartment/doghouse/bird feeder/basement suite? Fools. [youtube][/youtube]

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – I thought when I read this title that it said “Best Erotic Marigold Hotel”. I was intrigued. Who doesn’t like a nice erotic hotel? Then I saw the cast and was much less intrigued. Some British retirees – Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and Maggie Smith travel to India to stay a supposedly nice hotel. Complications and cheeky misunderstandings, I presume, ensue. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Cabin on the Woods – One of my favorite flicks of the year so far. Five friends go to a mysterious said cabin in said woods for some “relaxation”. As one might expect they get something a little different. And a little different is what this film is. What starts out as a run-of the mill horror dealy turns in to something altogether unexpected. A must watch for fans of the horror/thriller genre. And comedy as it is quite funny. Also on the Blu Ray. (DVDs are late arriving at Cambie – hopefully they’ll be on the shelf by the time you read this) [youtube][/youtube]

Do-Deca Pentathlon – The Duplass Brothers – Cyrus, Jeff, Who LIves at Home, Baghead – star in this comedy about two competitive brothers who compete in their own 25-event Olympics. I imagine if my brother and I were closer in age we wold have done something like this. He probably would have won most events though. Bastard. Good thing that I’m 5 years older and could get away with doing things to him when we were younger like hog-tying him and locking him in the closet with the cat and the vacuum cleaner. Heh-heh. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Hysteria – The lovely Maggie Maggie Gyllenhaal and fancy Hugh Dancy star in this comedy about a guy who invents the, ahem, first vibrator (all in the name of medicine and science of course) to cure women diagnosed with female hysteria by using ‘pelvic massage’. Yes all in the name of medical science, uh-huh. Pelvic Massage – wasn’t that a band from the 80’s? Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Katy Perry: Part of Me – Which part is she offering up do you suppose? Maybe the back of the knees? Eyelids? Brains! Giant rocket boobs? Is this a horror film? Maybe to some. I guess this is a doc that follows the plastic-looking singer on and off the stage. Will probably appeal to younger girls and old perverted dudes. You know who you are. Perverts. [youtube][/youtube]

Modern Family Season 3 – Liked this show in the first season, but I find that it’s trying a little too hard to be funny now and everyone just kind of yells their lines. But don’t let me stop you.

Salvation Boulevard – Dumb looking comedy with a stellar cast – Greg Kinnear, Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer Connelly, Marisa Tomei and Ed Harris – about a Deadhead-turned-born again-Christian leader who finds himself on the run from fundamentalist members of his mega-church or something like that. I couldn’t really tell. Watch it and tell me what it’s about. I dare you.[youtube][/youtube]

Victim – Michael Biehn (Terminator, Aliens) stars in and directs this thriller/exploitation number about a guy who lives by himself in the woods until a woman knocks on his door. She’s on the run from some scumbags who raped and killed her friend. Much tension and violence, I presume, ensue. What is it about nasty things happening in the woods all the time? Now you see why I try to avoid camping! [youtube][/youtube]

Weekend – Well received film about a dude who hooks up with another dude for a one nighter but it turns into something more…maybe a two-nighter? A one-nighter plus brunch? Criterion release. [youtube][/youtube]

A Woman in the Fifth – Ethan Hawke flees to Paris (France) for some scandalous reason only to hook up with Kristin Scott Thomas (for more than just a one-nighter) who may or may not be involved in murder. A murder most foul! At least he didn’t flee into the woods.[youtube][/youtube]

Old Stuff Just In

House of Cards – Great political miniseries from the grand ole BBC –

Total Recall – Blu Ray (Verhoeven’s film, the good one)

High Fidelity – Blu Ray – Love this flick. Great book as well.

Coming Next Week

Damsels in Distress
Gerhard Richter Painting
Portlandia Season 2
Take This Waltz
Wallander Season 3
Magic of Belle Isle
Batman: Dark Knight Returns (animated)
Surviving Progress
Tall Man
American Horror Story Season 1
The Avengers DVD ans Blu Ray and 3-D Blu Ray
388 Arletta Ave

Coming the Week After That

Iron Sky
People Like Us
Magic City
Dark Shadows
Sound of My Voice

What You Should Watch According to Us

Louie Season 2 (Best show on the TV in my opinion)
Cabin in the Woods
The Loved Ones
Lovely Molly
Fringe Season 4
Once Upon A Time in Anatolia
The Raid: Redemption
Post Mortem
The Woodmans
Juan of the Dead
Some Guy Who Kills People
Hung Season 3
Homeland Season 1
Route Irish
Kill List
Snowtown Murders
A Separation
Boardwalk Empire Season 2
Beyond the Black Rainbow

That’s it for this week folks. You won’t hear from me for a couple of weeks. If it’s longer, maybe send out some sort of search party.

As the election season in the US ramps up I’ll leave you with this little gem from the fine folks at Bad Lip Reading. Take it away, Mitt…


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