Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending October 7th

It seems the rains have finally returned to our fair land after an incredible run of sunshine, unicorns and sparkles from heaven. And with the weather the need and want and need to hunker down at home and watch movies and TV has arrived as well. Which is good because we have lots and lots for your eyeballs to digest. Just not much this week. It’s pretty slim pickens for new films today but that will change in the very near future.


Get it?

We had a pretty fun day on Saturday at the Commercial store as local musician Jason Zumpano spun disks on 2 turntables (no microphones) in the afternoon. He played some stuff from his new LP, Custodian, as well as some great old stuff. Made for a terrific party-like atmosphere for a busy rainy Saturday afternoon. We’ll probably do it again in the near future. Good times.

And a reminder that as of October 1st we will no longer be giving out stamps with the $35 punch card. It’s too good of a deal as it is, so no whining about it please.

And also seeing that it’s October 1st – Halloween month (the best month of the year) – we’ll be doing a horror film recommendation a day leading up to the greatest of nights at the end of the month. If you want to get in on the action you’ll have to follow Black Dog on the Tweeters or on the Facebooks…

New Releases for Tuesday October 1st

The English Teacher – A lonely teacher takes interest in a former student who couldn’t make it in New York. She wants to mount his play (yes his play, perverts) to instil confidence in him or something like that. [youtube][/youtube]

Lore – Heavy German drama (they do heavy dramas well) about a girl who leads her siblings across a war ravaged Germany at the end of WWII where she’s exposed to the truth of her parents beliefs and what she’s been taught all her life. Played the VIFF recently to fine reviews. [youtube][/youtube]

This is the End – Probably the best comedy of the year (so far) finds a shwack of Hollywood’s young, hip lads – Franco, Rogan, Hill, Robinson, Cera, Baruchel and McBride (who steals the show) fighting for their lives and each other during a party at Franco’s house as outside a monsterous Satan with a giant dong sets about to destroy the world and all it’s sinners. Tons of fun for those that like fun. You know who you are. Something tells me that this is kinda like an average weekend at Danny McBride’s place. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Coming Next Week

Room 237

American Horror Story Season 2

After Earth

Robot Chicken S 6

Much Ado About Nothing

Stuck in Love

In the Flesh Season 1

The Hunt

Hangover Part 3

Batman: Dark Knight Returns (animated)

The Purge

Curse of Chucky

Recently Viewed and Recommend

This is the End

Place Beyond the Pines


House of Cards

Hannibal Season 1

Orphan Black Season 1

Bling Ring

Phil Spector



Best Justin Bieber interview ever…[youtube][/youtube]


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