Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending October 31st

One week left until Halloween which means that there is plenty of time to get in and grab some choice horror flicks to get you in the right frame of mind for the best celebration of the year. I’ll have a list of some of my favorite horror films in this edition of the newsletter in case you can’t make up your mind.

Also this Thursday is the last Thursday of the month so that means that it’s free film Thursday! How does that work, you ask? Well, let me tell you; bring in a charitable donation to either the Cambie or the Commercial location and receive a free movie! Easy peasy. We’re going to go with a donation to the Vancouver Food Bank again this month as we didn’t get a lot of donations last time around. Although we did get a delicious can of expired clams. Mmmm good eatin’ there.

And a reminder that there’s some big Halloweeny type doings a transpiring on Cambie St. this coming Saturday. Bring the wee folk and come on by for some Halloween good times.

New Releases for Tuesday October 25th

Attack the Block – Great little indie effort from ole’ England about some street punks who have to deal with some hungry aliens (the outer space kind) that crash their hood. Nice crisp funny Englandy slang dialogue helps along the proceedings. In any other film you would hate these little bastards but you end up rooting for them anyways. Truth. Good job! Also on the Blu Ray.

Captain America – In a year full of lame to mediocre to outright garbage super hero comic book type films, comes along a pretty half decent one. In fact, after the X-Men movie, this is the best of the lot (I’m looking at you, Green Lantern, Thor, Green Hornet). Creepy looking little nice guy Steve Rogers (great name!) is too small to go off and fight the Nazis so he undergoes an experimental treatment that embiggens him – making him a creepy looking, buff, shiny nice guy Steve Rogers. The awesome Hugo Weaving is the main redheaded bad guy Steve Rogers has to bring down. This film is basically a set up to the Avengers film that comes out next year. Also on the Blu Ray.

City of Life and Death – Historical epic about the Japanese attack and siege of Nanking in 1937. Brutality ensues. Filmed in black AND white.

Eco Pirate: The Paul Watson Story – Locally made doc on the famous Greenpeace guy and activist Paul Watson. Word has it that’s it’s quite an excellent doc for all you tree hugging hippies out there..

Father of Invention – Kevin Spacey plays an infomercial guy and inventor who’s invention maims a lot of people. He goes to jail, gets out and tries to connect with his estranged family and get back to the top of the infomercial world. Seems to me that there is a lot of Kevin Spacey movies that end up being straight to DVD as of late. What ever happened to that guy? Is he the next Eric Roberts?

Leap Year – Graphic Mexican film about a lonely woman who drifts from one fling to another until she meets a dude who has some darker sexual appetites. Supposed to be very good and chock full of naughty bits.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale – Twisted Xmas tale from Finland about some guys who unearth Santa Claus during an archeological dig. Then children start disappearing. Then Santa’s elves (I’m hoping that they’re the blood thirsty type of elves) arrive to help out their master. This sounds like it is destined to become a holiday classic! I was really looking forward to checking this out but it’s late (again!) and will hopefully be on the shelves sometime this week.

The Tree – Very sad sounding tale about a woman with four kids (her husband just died suddenly) trying to cope in Australia. One of the little girls insists that dad is alive and speaking to her through the enormous fig tree growing in the yard. Dad’s an Ent! Complications ensue when it looks as if the tree will have to felled.

Winnie the Pooh – Winning new animated tale of Pooh, Eyeore, Tiger, Piglet and others as the gang plan one last bank heist. Things, of course, go wrong and Owl is shot dead and then there’s a zombie outbreak and…

Old Stuff Just In…

Mimic – Director’s Cut on Blu ray
The Others – Blu Ray

Coming Next Week

Magic Trip
Californication Season 4
A Little Help
Cars 2
Crazy Stupid Love
A Better Life
Water for Elephants

Some delectable delights in the realm of horror for your Halloween viewing pleasure…

Trick or Treat – nifty little horror anthology. Good kid with a burlap sack on his head film.
Eden Lake – you’ll never go camping again, at least not in Australia
High Tension – good bloody French fun. May make you rethink your trip to France
Piranha – either the original or the remake (remake is great gory fun)
Ills – You’ll never go to your country home again, at least not in France
Dead Alive – the most gory fun ever! Great party movie
Inside – don’t watch this if you’re pregnant, know someone who’s pregnant or know what pregnant means (I love this film!)
The Haunting – the original is all sounds and atmosphere and very scary
Cemetery Man – great comedy horror about a dude working in a graveyard who has to keep killing the cliental
Pieces – college coeds and a chainsaw, need I say more?
Frontiers – another reason not to go to France, see High Tension
The Howling – the best werewolf film ever!
Invasion of the Body Snatchers – either the original or seventies remake are great
The Orphanage – great atmospheric thriller, one of the best small guy with a burlap sack on his head horror films
The Others – great haunted house chiller with a killer twist at the end
Wolf Creek – you’ll never go on a road trip in Australia again. In fact, never go to Australia
House on Haunted Hill – Vincent Price and a haunted house! Sweet.
The Devil’s Rejects – Rob Zombie’s masterpiece. For whatever that’s worth.
Let the Right One In – best vampire flick ever, remake’s not bad either

There’s a few numbers to mull over. We have plenty more scary flicks of course and staff that are more than happy to help you out with all your chills!

And some recommendations of recent fare that are not in the horror genre

The Robber – DVDs are in the mail for both stores!
Attack the Block
Captain America
The Last Circus
Batman: Year One
Bill Cunningham: New York
Red State
Tree of Life
Beautiful Boy
The Trip
Troll Hunter

That’s it for this week, kids. Have a swell week, be safe and remember, keep watching.

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