Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending October 24th

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to the stores on Saturday to support us and the first (of hopefully many) International Independent Video Store Days. Lots of folks dropped by for a free film or cheap t-shirt and a few giveaways. Didn’t get any hugs though. It was a lovely weekend; great weather, big crowd down at the Occupy Vancouver rally and tons of people out and about. Love the fall.

There’s a Halloween thingy happening on October 29th in the Cambie hood. More details to follow in next week’s edition.

Oh ya and I forgot to mention what a great week it is for New Releases! In fact October and November are quite good for some quality films. Enjoy!

New Releases for Tuesday October 18th

Attack on Leningrad – WWII action number about the famed siege of Leningrad. Stars Mira Sorvino and Gabriel Byrne. I’m always a sucker for anything WWII so I hope that this is a good one.

Bad Teacher – Cameron Diaz (she seems to be getting weirder looking by the hour) stars as a really bad teacher who wants to make some extra scratch so she can get a boob job. Or something like that. Justin Timberlake is along for the hilarity. Also on the Blu Ray.

Batman: Year One – Calling all nerds! Word has it that this animated Batman is one great show!

Beats and Rhymes: Travels with a Tribe Called Quest – Doc on the famous and influential musical act. The kids like their hppin’ and a bippin’ and a hoppin’…

Brand New Day – Musical from the land down under (Australia) about teen rebellion, religious schooling, fishing and hanging out with your mates and best gal. Has Geoffrey Rush in it. So there.

Hesher – Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Hesher (see title), a greasy, long haired dude who’s content to hang out, light fires and blow things up. He then moves into Dwight Schrute’s (Rainn Wilson) garage. Really looking forward to seeing this one I must say. Also has the lovely and talented Natalie Portman along for the proceedings.

Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40 – The famed director and motor-mouth (I saw him a few months ago, man can that guy talk!) talks about everything he can think of in this kinda stand-up thing.

The Last Circus – This is the number one film on my list to see this week (didn’t get a chance yet, dang!). It’s from the great Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia (Accion Mutante, Perdita Durango) and it’s set at a circus during the brutal Spanish Civil War. Two clowns, the “Happy Clown” and, of course, the “Sad Clown” vie for the attention of a gorgeous acrobat. Doesn’t sound all that exciting but from what I’ve read and can tell, it’s an exercise in crazed brutally and utter insanity. Check out the bug nuts trailer – (was that a killer pig I saw?)

Monte Carlo – Kid’s or teen, I’m not too sure who this is aimed at, film about some girls who are off to Monte Carlo (I presume not for the gambling and debauchery although that may make a more interesting film) when one of them is mistaken for a British Heiress. Insert joke here.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – There has yet been a device invented that can measure my indifference to this and all of the other Pirates films. Also on Blu Ray.

Red State – Kevin Smith’s best film (not too sure if that’s saying much) is a thriller action piece about religious nutters who take some dudes, who were lured to their compound with the promise of sex and booze and what not, hostage. Chaos and bloody mayhem ensue. This is late from my distributer (once again as I have a really lame distributor) but should hopefully be on the shelves by tomorrow. Also on the Blu Ray.

The Robber – Excellent little true story dealy from Germany about a marathon runner who develops a taste for robbing banks. Sparse dialogue and great chase sequences, especially the last 40 minutes or so make this one to check out for sure. Also on the Blu ray. (Again, the DVD is late from my distributor – see above – at the Cambie store. I’m hoping to nab a copy or two asap)

Old Stuff Just In…

Pulp Fiction – Blu Ray
Jackie Brown – Blu Ray
Ill Met by Moonlight

Coming Next Week

Attack the Block
Rare Exports
Father of Invention
Faces in the Crowd
Winnie the Pooh Movie
Eco Pirate the Story of Paul Watson
Captain America: First Avenger

Recently Viewed and Recommended

The Robber
Tree of Life
Red State
Beautiful Boy
The Pig Farm
Troll Hunter
Red Chapel
Bill Cunningham: New York
The Trip

One from the interwebs!

Here’s an amusing little ditty…Titanic’s Final Facebook Posts…

Have a great week, folks, stay warm, eat well and remember, keep watching…

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