Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending October 21st

I hope that everyone had a safe and engorging Thanksgiving weekend. The weather was amazing – that nice fall crisp air, the rain of chestnuts. My favourite time of the year. Something to be thankful for, for sure. Among other things that I’m thankful for read more…

This Saturday, the 19th, is the third annual International Independent Video Store Day! It’s a day to celebrate our business and to show our appreciation to the many great folks who’ve patronized our establishments over the years. Come into either store on Saturday and enter our draw for a spiffy new Blu Ray player! Come in and rent two or more DVDs and you can leave the store with a original Black Dog tote bag! There may even be some free stuff to be had, including hugs (well, maybe not hugs). Chips Ahoy! Or pop into Black Dog just to tell us how much you love us. We need your love. So bad.


Speaking of video stores (cause that’s what I do) there’s a screening of a very cool looking doc, Rewind This, coming up at The Rio and also at Capilano University and we have some tickets to give away. We have two pair for the Rio Screening and 1 pair for the Capilano showing. Just be the first to pop into the Commercial Drive location Wednesday and say “I’d like the tickets for Rewind This, please.” and they’re yours. First come first serve obviously. Here’s the trailer…


Also just another reminder, we’re still doing our Halloween month picks everyday over yonder on the Facebooks and the Tweeters. If you’re interested follow us.

New releases for Tuesday October 15th


Drug War – Love me some Johnny To! This looks like a return to form from one of my favourite directors (The Mission, Hero Never Dies). Cops and drug kingpins abound in this (from what the box says anyways) a cross between the French Connection and The Wire. Yes please! Also on the Blu Ray.


The Heat – The Bulloch and the McCarthy team up as an uptight FBI agent and a foul-mouthed Bawston cop (are there any other kind?) to bring down some drug lord or something like that. Hilarious hijinks, I presume, ensue. Also on the Blu ray.


The Killing Season 2 – It’s been so long I almost forgot this show existed. Now do we finally get to find out who killed what’s-her-face? Hope so. Good show this is.


The Look of Love – Steve Coogan (love the Coogan!) stars as adult publisher and nightclub owner Paul Raymond in this bio-pic from Michael Winterbottom. Looks pretty cool, sexy and sophisticated. Yes, indeed, it does.


Love, Marilyn – Weird sounding doc finds a bunch of Hollywood types sitting around reading letters and private writings the Marilyn penned some 50 years ago that were just recently discovered under the bed or somewhere in her acting coach’s house. Funny how we (well some) still have such a fascination with her.


Maniac – Oh Frodo, what have you done? Why are you scalping all of those lovely young women? Did you not get your second breakfast? Also on the Blu Ray (Blu Ray at Cambie only at the moment)


Pacific Rim – Giant robots hockey-punching giant monsters! What more do you need to know? Ignore the banal dialogue, annoying characters and shoddy acting (I’m looking at you, Ron Pearlman) and enjoy this spectacular feast for your 10-year-old kid eyes. Loved it way more than I probably should have. Also on the Blu Ray.


Paradise: Love – Disturbing and unsightly film about older European women who travel to Africa to be “Sugar Mamas” to young African men in exchange for sex. Lots of sex. Excuse me while I wash out my eyeballs. Part 1 of Ulrich Seidl’s Paradise Trilogy.

Olde Stuff Just In!

Just received a lovely box of Criterions! They include;

Badlands – DVD and Blu Ray
Repo Man
The Devil’s Backbone
Things to Come
Medium Cool (yay!)
Babette’s Feasts
Monsieur Verdoux
Ministry of Fear
A Man Escaped

Coming Next Week

Only God Forgives
I Give it a Year
Before Midnight
Dirty Wars
The Conjuring
The Internship

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Pacific Rim
The Heat
The Killing Season 2
The Silence
Boardwalk Empire Season 3
V/H/S/ 2
Room 237
American Horror Story Season 2

Can’t decide what to be for Halloween? Maybe these creepy olde timey costumes might inspire you…

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