Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending Oct 3rd

Couple of things worth noting this week (because the slate of new releases isn’t really worth talking about); starting this Thursday the 29th of September we will commence with what we are calling Free Film Thursdays! Yes that’s right, free films! How can that be you may ask? What’s the catch? Well here’s the deal – we will be collecting for a local charity the last Thursday of every month. This month it’s the Vancouver Food Bank. So just bring in a non-perishable food item (again, no Jellied Grass of Liquid Pork) and take home a nice little film of your choosing for free! Sound cool? Well it is.


Also we’ve decided to open the Cambie store at noon on Sundays instead of the 1pm opening we had going during the summer. So the store hours are as follows; Cambie – Mon – Thursday 1pm till 10pm, Friday 1 pm till 11pm, Saturday noon till 11pm and Sunday noon till 10pm. Commerical stays the same noon till 11pm every day. Got all that? Good. See you soon.


New Releases for Tuesday September 27th


Frisson Des Collines – Nice sounding Canadian fare (it is from Quebec) about a 12 year-old who decides it’s a good idea to travel from his home in our French speaking province to see his hero, Jimi Hendrix (not from Quebec)  who’s playing at some festival called Woodstock.


The Ledge – That good looking biker from Sons of Anarchy (yes the pretty boy with the questionable acting chops) stars in this intense drama as a guy lured out onto a ledge of a high-rise by his lover’s husband. Idiot. Drama, I assume ensues.


Loose Cannons – Sweet, charming Italian comedy drama about making pasta and being gay. Not necessarily in that order.


True Legend – From master martial arts choreographer Woo-ping Yuen comes this martial arts extravaganza that has some revenge and a martial arts school in it. Doesn’t every kung-fu film have both a martial arts school and some revenging that needs a doin’?


Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Releases Friday, September 30th) – You know it’s a bad week for new releases when a Michael Bay film is the big film of the week. More giant, confusing looking robots fight each other for some reason and wrecking a lot of shit. I thought that it was some sort of Pink Floyd tribute thing but it’s called Dark of the Moon (whatever that means) not Dark Side of the Moon. I wonder if you played that Floyd LP while you watched the movie…


Coming Next Week




Scream 4

Fast Five

Red Chapel

Disney – African Cats

In Treatment Season 3

Desert Flower


Bored to Death Season 2


Recently Viewed and Recommended


Troll Hunter

The Trip

Fringe Season 3

Bill Cunningham: New York

Deliver Us From Evil

Modern Family S 2

Viva Riva!

X-Men- First Class



Internet Interest of the Week


Instead of a bunch of links to things that I find amusing/interesting/disgusting/offensive that I would like to share, here’s a little round-up on one site of the above mentioned things


That’s it for this week folks. I promise to have some better films on the shelf next Tuesday and hopefully every Tuesday after that. Cheers!


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