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Eight. 8. Ate. Funny word. Funny age. My kid just turned eight. Black Dog Commercial just turned eight. Both are moody, tempestuous little brats. Just kidding, I love them both as if they were my own. It’s been a fun, if not at times bumpy, ride (still talking about both sprog and store here, but enough about the kid). Made many friends and only a few enemies along the way. Hope to make many more. I’d like to say thanks to all of you lovely customers who’ve supported us over the years and continue to do so. We’re hoping we can stick around for a while yet (8 more years would be awesome but that seems somewhat unlikely in the times that we are a living in – but who knows?). In order to celebrate eight, may we offer to expunge your late charges? Can we do that for you? Here’s the deal – bring in non-perishable food item(s) between tomorrow (Wednesday) and the following Wednesday and we’ll destroy any outstanding late charges you might have accrued. Sweet deal, yes? In addition, come in this Saturday, the 16th, rent two or more DVDs or Blu Rays and we’ll give you one of our fabulous Black Dog tote bags. We’ll have some other swag to give away as well. Commercial location only. Hope to see you and some food soon!

Some things that you probably shouldn’t bring in…




New Releases for Tuesday November 12th


A Band Called Death – Doc about a punk band nobody (well hardly anyone) ever heard of. Here’s their story.


Dexter: Final Season  – It’s finally over. I haven’t seen the last season – I gave up on Dexter many years ago – but I hear the ending is a crushing disappointment. Not Rob Ford level of disappointment (Zing! Hate to be Rob Ford right now!), but a disappointment none the less.


Frances Ha – Noah Baumbach’s (Squid and the Whale) latest finds Greta Gerwig wandering around New York in black and white trying to figure things out. Good luck, Frances Ha!


Grabbers – Some nasty, tentacled aliens have been decapitating and drinking the blood of local denizens of some small island. Their only weakness? Alcohol! They can’t eat anyone who’s drunk. So what’s the plan? Stay drunk! I think that I would do OK against these creatures. Me and most of my hockey team. Comedy + horror = a booze-soaked good time!


Ip Man: The Final Fight – No Donnie Yen but it does have Anthony Wong as Ip Man, drawn into one last fight (hence the title) to defend his school and defeat some Triads. Good luck, Ip Man!


Kevin Hart: Let me Explain – Stand-up comedy by a comedian I’ve never heard of. Better be funny, Mr. Hart.


Man of Steel – Stuffy, pretentious, convoluted, humourless, too long, this Superman is a bit of a dud. Dude they found to play him is quite bland. Bland like Wonder Bread. Wonder Bread with margarine on it. But he has really big muscles. Why does Superman need to have such big muscles and have such crunchy abs? Hot mustard, he’s Superman, it doesn’t matter how big or small his muscles are! What would have happened if the baby Superman – Superbaby I guess, crashed in the wilds of Africa or in China? He’d stick out a little more I guess, being American looking and all. Many things to ponder. Watch at your own risk. Also on the Blu Ray.


Paradise: Faith – Second of three “Paradise” films from Germany’s Ulrich Seidl finds Anna Maria going from door to door in Austria with a big statue of the Virgin Mary trying to woo people back to the church. Then her husband, who’s been absent for years, shows up. Drama and hilarity, I presume, ensue. (May be late on the shelves)


Silk Season 1 – BBC drama about lawyers and barristers and the Queen’s Counsel and all the lawyering and barristering and Queen’s Counselling that they get up to.


Turbo – Animated kids thing about a snail or slug or squid or whatever that wants to race or go backpacking or learn karate or…I don’t know! Get off my back! Also on the Blu Ray.


The Wall – Strange, yet compelling sounding German film about a woman living out in the sticks somewhere when, for some reason, she’s cut off from the rest of the world by an invisible wall. Sometimes I wish I had this invisible wall at my beck and call. (May be a wee bit late hitting the shelves)

Coming Next Week

2 Guns
The To Do List
The World’s End
All is Bright
Crystal Fairy and the Magical Cactus
We’re the Millers
Treme Season 3

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Frances Ha
The Hunt
Eurpoa Report
Before Midnight
The Heat
Pacific Rim
Paradise: Love
The Deep
Drug War

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