Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending November 11th

So another Halloween has come and gone. It was a pretty good one – weather was nice, I managed to have a few drinks and watch Trick-r-Treat (one of my favourite Halloween films) and my kid managed to collect way too much candy which he came home, dumped on the couch and then promptly hugged. We let him eat as much as he wanted the next day in the hopes that he’d OD on it. Seemed to work. He got sick and vowed never to eat another piece of candy for the rest of his life. Or at least till later that evening.

We didn’t get as many trick-r-treaters at our house this year as previous years. There were only a few other houses decked out in festive Halloween gear on our street and I guess the kids had to weigh their options to hit streets with more action or lurch up our desolate avenue. Can’t blame them for not coming by. It’s also hard to compete when just a couple of streets over, there’s half a freakin’ pirate ship built out of someone’s house.

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“Show off.”

Just a little reminder of our specials in case your brains made you forget: Mondays are 2 for 1 – anything and everything in the store, Wednesdays are 5 old films for $10, includes Blu Rays, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you can score 2 films, 1 new and 1 old or 2 old for 7 clams. Good times.

New Releases for Tuesday November 5th


As I Lay Dying – James Franco writes (from a William Faulkner novel), directs, stars and, I think, does the catering for this flick about a hick family going on a road trip to bury their dead mom. Despite Danny McBride being along for the ride, it’s not much of a comedy. Just look how all serious young James is.


Bounty Killer – In the future corporations and the sleaze bags who run them have ruined the planet (I assume it’s not too far off in the future) so a group of vigilantes hires a bunch of bounty killers (hence the title) to kill all the corporate scum. Man, I wish this was a documentary.


Clear History – HBO flick starring the pretty pretty pretty great Larry David as a dude who has a petty argument with John Hamm and gives up his 10% of the shares in an electric car company. Of course the company then proceeds to make kazillions of dollars. Comedy hijinks, I presume, ensue. Also on the Blu Ray.


Girl Most Likely – Comedy that finds the adorable Kristin Wiig failing as a playwright and as a girlfriend so she moves back home with her crazy family. Much hilarity, I presume, ensues. Also on the Blu Ray (Late on the shelves)


Grown Ups 2 – There has yet to be a machine invented than can measure my revulsion and repugnance to Adam Sandler and his cohorts who do nothing but spew out fetid shit into our eyeballs. Coming in with a stellar 7% on the Rotten Tomato-meter, this dreck still managed to pull in over $133 million. I guess there’s a lot of folks who like shit in their eyes.


The Hobbit: Extended Edition – Cash-grabber Peter Jackson brings you mawr Hobbits! Mawr Hobbits eating. Mawr Hobbits dancing and singing. Mawr Hobbits running around with sharp objects. Mawr Hobbits fucking. Wait, do they do that? Try to scrub that image out of your your brain. My apologies. Also on the Blu Ray.


Leviathan – Cool-looking doc that follows some fishermen as they fish for fish in the oceans. Not much dialogue, lots of haunting images and music liven up the fishy proceedings.


Lovelace – Star-studded bio-pic of Linda Lovelace features lovely bug-eyed Amanda Seyfried as the titular character as she becomes famous for her “starring” role in the first scripted, main-streamy porn flick, Deep Throat. I’m hoping that they go balls-to-the-walls sleazy on this but I think that it probably be quite tame. I still remember Deep Throat scarring my impressionable young brain way back when. Also on the Blu Ray.


Magic City Season 2 – Cool as a cucumber TV show that follows a bunch of criminals in 1950’s Miami. This is the next season after Season 1.


Man Men Season 6 – Handsome men and women in suits drink whiskey, sleep around and make each other feel bad. You know the drill. Great show. Also on the Blu Ray. (May be late hitting the shelves)


Passion – Brian DePalma tires to prove he still has the sly, sleazy chops in this thriller that finds thespian-challenged Rachel McAdams scheming her way up the corporate ladder with her sights set on boss, Noomi Repace. Good sights, me thinks. I hope this one is good. Big DePalma fan over here. Also on the Blu Ray. (May be late hitting the shelves)


White House Down – Wow, Hollywood must really hate the White House! Here’s the second film this year where terrorists attack it and and it falls to a handsome, chiseled young stud to save the President and the day. Channing Tatum is in the Gerald Butler role and Jamie Foxx is the president with much attitude! Bad attitude! Also on Blu Ray.

Coming Next Week

Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain
IP Man: The Final Fight
Dexter: Final Season
Fitzgerald Family Christmas
Silk Season 1
Man of Steel
Frances Ha

Recently Viewed and Recommended

White House Down
Mad Men Season 6
Room 237
The Hunt
Robot Chicken Season 6
Much Ado About Nothing
The Heat
Drug War
The Fall Season 1
Only God Forgives
Pacific Rim
Before Midnight

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