Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending May 21

Just wanted to pass on a little apology to the person who left 6 pounds of congealed fat teeming with ants in a small bucket out back of the Cambie Store. I threw it out. Sorry. I hope that you weren’t saving it to cash in at the grease depot, a al Homer Simpson. I don’t know how much 6 pounds of greasy slime is worth or why it was there but out back of the shop probably isn’t the best place to store it, especially in the hot sun.

And speaking of the hot sun, don’t let this nice weather get you down (“ever since the dawn of time, man has yearned to destroy the sun!”), there’s plenty of great films and TV shows and what not for your eyeballs just waiting for you at both locations. Might as well grab a festive original Black Dog T-Shirt while you’re there – on sale for the month of May for a paltry $14.99.

Also we have a another little contest to involve you in! The First Weekend Club has a wine and premiere screening of a new zombie flick called, A Little Bit Zombie . You can check out the details here… – And now for the skill testing question that can win you a pair of tickets to tomorrow’s event – What is the name of the big-budget zombie flick based on a pretty cool novel and starring Brad Pitt that’s coming out sometime in the future?

And speaking of contests, don’t forget to check out our Facebook Page daily (mostly) contest where I post a still from a movie and the first person to correctly respond nabs themselves a free old title. Cool beans. Best to click on the “like” button on the page (not group) to receive these when I post them.

New Releases for Tuesday May 15th

Albert Nobbs – Glenn Close dresses like a dude to work as waiter in the oppressive society that was 19th century Ireland. ” Hey Nobbs, why is your voice so funny and why do you look like you’re made out of wood?” is a line I imagine might be in the film. Also on the Blu Ray.

Chronicle – Some guys find a glowing rock in a smoldering hole (stay away from smoldering holes be my advice) in the backyard that somehow gives them superpowers in this “found footage” thriller. Do they use their new found powers to do good, like save burning babies and bringing pets back from the dead? Or do they use them to lift up cheerleaders skirts and turn people inside out for fun? Have to find out I suppose. Also on the Blu Ray.

The Devil Inside – “The film the Vatican didn’t want you to see!” is the tagline on the box. I’m sure that there are a lot of films the Vatican doesn’t want you to see that are more horrific than this run-of-the-mill demonic possession film. I know that you know what I’m referring to. You know? I know. Also on the Blu Ray.

Hard Core Logo 2 – Unnecessary sequel to the fine film from years ago. This one is about a rock star – Care Failure of Die Mannequin (great name!) who basically just sits around smoking, mumbling, and trying to stay awake. Rock and Roll!

Hell on Wheels – Another fine show from AMC about the railway going through the old west or something like that. Supposed to be gritty and nasty and altogether awesome. Think Deadwood but probably with a lot less “coc#@*cker” and other fine profanity.

One for the Money – Another turgid “comedy” starring “please someone stop her from making any more movies!” Katherine Heigl. This time out she’s a friggin’ bounty hunter on the trail of a bad cop who also happens to be her ex… Ah who cares?

Miss Bala – Cool looking thriller about a Mexican beauty contestant who unwittingly gets involved in the Mexican drug trade in Mexico. I’ve heard very good things about this Mexican flick. It’s from Mexico!

Norwegian Wood – Based upon the weirdly wonderful book by Haruki Murakami (does he do any other kind?) about a guy who’s friend commits suicide and how it changes his relationships and stuff like that. Kinda hard to sum up a plot from a Murakami story. I’m sure that fans of the book will want to check this one out.

Patton Oswalt’s Finest Hour – Some more great stand-up from this always funny guy. Funny guy.

Rampart – Woody Harrelson stars as mean corrupt cop Dave Brown, who’s misogynistic, racist, brutally violent, egotistical, a womanizer and punches baby deer when he gets a chance. Great cast and from all accounts a pretty absorbing thriller. Who doesn’t like a good Woody…film?! Also on the Blu Ray.

New Old Stuff

Chinatown on the Blu-Ray!

Coming Next Week

The Woman in Black
Secret World of Arrietty
This Means War
The Grey
Red Tails
The River Season 1

Recently Viewed and Recommended

The Innkeepers
Mission Impossible
The Maid
Elite Squad
Breaking Bad S 3

I so wanted to see the film The Raid: Redemption in the theatres but it only played here for about 10 minutes it seemed. I guess that I’ll have to settle for the next best thing – (warning, it’s gory and has claymation cats) – [youtube][/youtube]

That’s all for this edition kids. Enjoy the nice weather, get your walking shoes and your eating pants on and get outside – that’s the only way you’ll be able to get some food and get to the Black Dog to grab some fabulous films!

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