Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending May 14th

First off let me apologize for two things; the lateness of this week’s newsletter – I always try to get it out on Monday afternoon but that’s morphed into Tuesday afternoon and now here we are at good old Wednesday. I am going to have to let the blame fall upon me having a cold and then thinking that it was a good idea to remedy my ailment with some of the fine beverages offered to me at Biercraft Tuesday afternoon. It wasn’t long before I was making tender love to my couch. And the second thing I’d like to apologize for is the quality of this week’s new releases. “Yikes!” might have been overheard at either location when laying your eyeballs on what passes for releases on the shelves. There are a few  good smaller titles but when freaking Underworld 4 is the top title, well let’s just say that there’s lots of other older films that are worth your time and effort. It gets better starting next week, I promise.

Everyone loves a good contest, right? Well here’s another one for you anyways. Starting tomorrow (Thursday) I’m going to post a photo on the Black Dog Video Facebook page from some movie or some famous movie star or something. So you have to go to the Black Dog Page (not the group), like it and the first one to respond with the correct answer gets a free old title rental for that day. One per location. Cool? Thought so.

Just a reminder that all of our lovely Black Dog T-Shirts can be yours for the low cost of $14.99 plus da tax. Also we still have a whack of $4.00 DVDs for sale at the Cambie location only. Come and and make a good home for a lonely DVD or Blu Ray.

New Releases for Tuesday May 8th

The Big C Season 2 – Suburban mom finds out she has cancer so she decides she should start cooking meth and become a drug kingpin…wait that’s another show….suburban mom finds out she has cancer and then goes on a killing spree targeting people she thinks deserves…wait that’s a movie…suburban mom has cancer and drama and comedy, I presume, ensue.

Birdsong – Over-long TV thingy about a guy fighting in the trenches in WW1 who keeps thinking about the hot French woman who he had an illicit affair with. Probably not what I’d be thinking of covered in mud and being shot at all the time. But that’s just me.

Daylight – Cool, scary sounding kidnapping kinda horror film that sounds like, from what I’ve read, as a sort of Funny Games kinda thing. Worth a look for those of you sick puppies, such as myself, who are into these types of things.

Kawa – A Maori father and husband comes out of the closet in this heavy drama from New Zealand.

Koch Brothers: Exposed – Doc on the Koch brothers, those sleazy billionaires who help fund evil in America – in other words a lot of conservative nasty business. Directed by the guy who made the doc on Wal-Mart, Fox TV, the Iraq war and, for some reason, the film Xanadu.

Mother’s Day – Rebecca De Mornay (remember her from Risky Business?) stars as an evil mom in this remake of the 80’s slasher, well, not classic, but flick. She plays the mom of a sadistic family who returns to their childhood home to terrorize the family that now lives there. Might as well, what else is a sadistic family to do? Also on the Blu Ray.

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie – Those wacky guys – Tim and Eric – get a billion clams to make a film but they lose it and then try to revitalize a failing shopping mall. I don’t think that the plot really matters as this is more insanity for fans of this type of insanity. You know who you are. Also on the Blu Ray.

Presume Coupable aka Presumed Guilty – Award winning French drama/thriller true story thingy about a husband and wife who are accused to some horrible crimes agains children. French children! I’ve heard very good things about this “miscarriage of justice” flick.

Underworld: Awakening – I don’t remember anyone asking for another Underworld film. I’m not too sure what number this one is, 4? 6? 17? I guess if you’re into watching Kate Beckinsdale run around in tight leather shooting werewolves or vampires or mermen or whatever she has to battle with, then I guess you’ll be lining up for this one. Also on the Blu Ray.

The Vow – The lovely Rachel McAdams awakes from a coma following a car crash with amnesia. Her lovelier husband, Channing Tatum, has to win her heart again. Ugh. How many times have we seen amnesia used as a plot device in films or TV? Too many, that’s how many. I think I’ve heard of maybe one or two cases of amnesia in real life but the movies make it as common as serial killers and mobsters. I imagine that there are folk out there who dig this kind of romantic claptrap, but for me, a jaded old curmudgeon, I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a warm spoon that watch this. Also on the Blu Ray.

Oh and we have more copies of the acclaimed documentary on George Harrison in stock at both stores.

Coming Next Week

Albert Nobbs
The Devil Inside
Front Line
Hard Core Logo 2
Miss Bala
Hell on Wheels
Norwegian Wood

Recently Viewed and Recommended

The Innkeepers
Misson Impossible: Ghost Protocol
The Skin I Live In
Breking Bad S 3
The Killing S 1
Game of Thrones S 1
Nurse Jackie S 3
Treme Season 2
Into the Abyss
Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy
Young Adult
Elite Squad: Enemy Within

That’s it for this edition folks. Have a great week, enjoy the new lovely weather we may or may not be getting, eat well, drink well and keep watching.

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