Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending June 4th

Damn crows. It seems that it’s that time of year again, the time when the crows have their babies and then they terrorize anyone and everyone who dares to walk under a tree where they reside. I had a friend who had her scalp ripped open by a dive bombing crow last year (it was but a scratch, but still). One tried to fly away with my friend’s BBQ’s steak the other night! It’s no wonder that a bunch of crows hanging out together is referred to as a Murder (ravens one-upped them in that department by having their party called an Unkindness). Crows not only are diabolical but they are smart and diabolical. They’ll remember you for as long as they live if you have some sort of run in with them. Not only that, but they will bring in their friends and family to help take you down and these crows will remember you as well. And they are loud. The sounds of crows jamming food into their babies gullets is such an alarmingly horrifying sound one comes across living in the city (that and Harley Davidson motor cycles). What does all this have to do with movies? Sweet fuck all. But I would recommend that you wear a hat when walking to Black Dog.

Oh, and another reminder to “like” our Facebook page and you could win a free old title rental. Every now and then I’ll post a still from a film and the first of youze guyz who tells me what film it’s from scores a free rental. Coolio.

New Releases for Tuesday May 29th

Aggression Scale – Some heavily armed hit-men try to get half a million clams back from some feisty teenagers who stole it. Think of a super violent and bloody Home Alone. Think of it! Works for me and as a bonus it has two actors from Twin Peaks!

Goon – Would it be too bold a statement to declare Goon as the second best hockey movie of all time (everyone know what the first is, right? No it’s not Youngblood)? Maybe but I found this flick – about a guy who knows how to fight but has no hockey skills who joins a hockey team as their tough guy – fun, and hilarious and really well done. Points for scoring Liev Schreiber as a rival on-ice pugilist. And Seann William Scott is perfect as the not-too-bright Doug “The Thug” Glatt. Kudos to all involved – best Canadian movie I’ve seen in a long time (at least my favorite Canadian movie in a long time). Look for this one come Academy Awards time next year. Also on the Blu Ray.

There Be Dragons – Roland Joffe (Killing Fields) returns in this epic drama set during the Spanish Civil War. A journalist dude investigates a family friend who is up for canonization (I imagine that’s where one gets to be fired out of a canon?) and then discovers some dark secrets about the guy and also about his own father. Sounds heavy. Also sounds like it might be a little light on actual dragons.

True Blood Season 4 – More vampires and fairies and witches and werewolves and orcs and dragons and gollums and flying monkeys and murderous unicorns and Frankenstiens and Godzilla and Donald Trumps and whatever other monsters they can cram into the silly but entertainingly trashy show. Also on the Blu Ray.

We Need to Talk About Kevin – The weirdly wonderful Tilda Swinton stars in this thriller about a mom who struggles to love her strange son as he grows up, shall we say, mischievous? Of course he’s more than a little mischievous. Playfully murderous perhaps? I imagine that he’s like all kids who’ve had the dream of growing up and killing their parents and everyone they know. I guess the moral of the story is never have kids because they are all blood-thirsty maniacs who want to murder your face. Also on the Blu Ray.

Coming Next Week

The Woodmans
Machine Gun Preacher
Breaking Bad Season 4
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8
Act of Valor
Journey 2: Mysterious Island
Bad Ass
Declaration of War
John Carter
Man on a Ledge
Safe House
How to Live Forever

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Sherlock Season 2
We Need to Talk About Kevin
True Blood S 4
London Boulevard
The Innkeepers
Tiny Furniture
The Grey

That’s it for this week, kids. Stay dry, eat well, keep your head up and enjoy some fine cinematic entertainment.

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