Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending June 27th

Well here we are, the first day of summer! Wouldn’t really know it would you? And here we are, a week removed from the end of the hockey, and of course our fabulous riot. I’m not really going to say much about this as I’m sure that all has been said about the events of last Wednesday that needs to be said. But here’s my two cents anyways. It has been a strange week. We’ve gone from disappointing loss in game 7 (funny how no one is talking about that all that much) to crazy ass riot to bizarre witch hunt type of stuff on the interwebs. We’ve seen the worst element of society rear its ugly head – hooligans, thugs (yes I’m including the Boston Bruins in that category), teenagers and middle class bored punks burning shit and stealing useless stuff (who steals a mannequin leg?). We’ve seen a strange outpouring of apologies and caring from people that didn’t have anything to do with the riot – aren’t we Canadians a nice bunch of folk? And we’ve seen one awesome photograph – the kissing couple if ya didn’t know. (I hear they’ve hired an agent and are moving to Australia to become stand-up comedians!). And we’ve seen vigilante justice 2011 style – outing people on the internet, publishing their names, addresses and even threatening some of them. I’m not too sure who is worse, the rioters or the internet folk who are hounding them? I’m all for holding these boneheads accountable but the issue of privacy and use of the internet to find them is kind of weird and a bit problematic. Anyways, I said I wasn’t going to pontificate too much about all of this because if you’re anything like me, and I know that you are, you just might be suffering from riot fatigue. Onwards and upwards!

Just a note – the Cambie Store hours have changed slightly once again. They are as follows; Sunday – Thursday 1pm till 10pm. Friday – 1pm till 11pm and Saturday – noon till 11pm. Lots of time to get your movie on! (Can’t believe I just said that, I’m so urban)

New Releases for Tuesday June 21st

The Adjustment Bureau – Matt Damon (MATT DAMON!) and Emily Blunt display some fantastic chemistry that helps elevate this sci-fi tale out of the morass of mediocre tales of secret worlds and what not. Damon is a political dude who finds out that all things in his and everyone’s life are being controlled buy that guy from Mad Men. They have nifty hats that enable them to…well you’ll just have to watch this for yourself. It could have a been a better film, as I found it was lacking a certain something to make it all more cohesive. I liked the hats they wore but kept thinking that this would be a better film with sombreros. Based on a Philip K. Dick short story so it has that going for it. Also on the Blu Ray.

Bedways – German sexy film. Ya! Three Germans want to make sexy a film about sex and love and sex. Ya!

The Butcher’s Son – To add to our collection of Dominican Republic films (it now stands at one), comes this police thriller about a cop fighting the corrupt government. Word is it supposed to be quite excellent.

Cedar Rapids – Ed Helms and his giant teeth are sent to Iowa (whoo-hoo, Iowa!) for a convention where he meets some convention veterans who help him loosen up and party like he’s in Iowa! Supposed to be good fun from what I hear on the streets. Also stars the hilarious John C. Reilly and the even more hilarious Sigourney Weaver. Also on the Blu Ray.

Day of the Triffids – Yet another update of the classic tale of carnivorous plants who come to earth, blind everybody and then start eating everyone. It’s up to a small band of sighted survivors to save the day. Now if only the TV show Survivor was like this…

Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 – Don’t know much about these wimpy kids, nor do I care. It’s here for those of you who do.

The Eagle – Sort of like a sequel kind of to Centurion that finds the son of one of the Roman dudes, who disappeared in England in yonder times, going to look for his dad and regain the titular prize that was lost there. I’m grooving on these medieval and Roman times tales as of late. Also on the Blu Ray.

Film Socialism – Jean-Luc Godard’s latest (he’s still alive?!) deals with three separate stories set on a cruise ship or something. Expect this to be very French and very Godardian.

Funkytown – Canadian funky movie about a bunch of Montrealers whooping it up in 1976 in the funky (kind of) era of disco and cocaine and funky times.

Happythankyoumoreplease – Hey what do you know? Another film about a bunch of 20 – 30 something’s loving and living and learning. And of course it’s set in New York.

Jackass 3.5 – More Jackass. More hilarity. Yee-haw.

Louie Season 1 – Louis CK, possible the funniest man alive, has his own most awesome show. Haven’t seen this yet but I saw him last year in the live stand-up mode and I almost barfed in my mouth several times because of the hilarity. Those of you who like the CK will love this show. Me? I can’t friggin’ wait to get my eyeballs on this!

Time That Remains – Award winning film about a family living through the creation of Israel in 1948 to the present. Good times.

Unknown – It’s the known knowns that we know. It’s the unknown unknowns that remain unknown. Liam Neeson is one of those known unknowns in this thriller where his identity becomes unknown to the people around him who know him. Yes, it’s another Liam Neeson kicking much (and much deserved) ass. Old men kicking butt. Rockin’! Also on Blu Ray.

Being Outed Next Week

3 Backyards
Sucker Punch
Wake Wood
Barney’s Version
Season of the Witch
White Irish Drinkers

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Adjustment Bureau
The Eagle
Treme S 1
True Blood S 3
Kill the Irishman
Another Year
Breaking Bad S 1
True Grit

Hey Internets!

Here’s a little compilation from the good folks at Rotten Tomatoes where they list their favorite most “intense” moments in film. Agree? Disagree?

Ooh! A new Cronenberg film! And what a cast!

Here’s a link to’s career-o-matic which let’s you chart the career trajectory of your favorite stars. Fun fun! Hate to be Jennifer Love Hewitt today!

That’s it for this week folks, enjoy the summer and make sure to keep watching!

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Black Dog Video

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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    I found it terribly depressing. I strongly advise sad, lonely single folk to avoid it like the PLAGUE – some of you don’t need to be tipped over the edge, I’m sure! Plot: lovely, functional couple spend time with / look after totally miserable singles.


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