Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending June 13th

Just about to sit down and write this current newsletter and I thought I’d take out the trash before starting. What do I find beside the garbage can? That’s right, you guessed it, a whole chicken! Just sitting there basking in the sun, covered in flies. There must be a story as to how this chicken came to rest out in our alley. People are strange.

Great week for releases this Tuesday! Maybe the best of the year so far. Even with the nice weather there’s plenty of room to catch a quality flick. Oh, and there’s another little contest for some dvds – check out further on down in the newsletter.

And just a reminder, the Cambie St. store hours have changed slightly – Sunday to Thursday we’ll be open at 1pm as opposed to noon and close at 10pm. Friday and Saturday stay the same – noon to 11pm which are the hours at the Commercial store everyday. Also next week’s newsletter will either be late or nonexistent, depending if I can get to it (I’ll be on a bit of a holiday).

New Releases for Tuesday June 7th

American: The Bill Hicks Story – Doc about funny man Bill Hicks who died young. Fans should enjoy this. And maybe non-fans as well.

Another Year – Latest and greatest (John’s favorite film of 2010) from Mike Leigh. I imagine that there’s some family dysfunction, some sweet moments and some quality British hilarity. Don’t be alarmed when coming in to get this film – it only came in the Blu Ray/DVD combo pack, so yes we have the regular DVDs. And the Blu Rays.

Breaking Bad Season 3 – Love this show about the cancer-stricken high school science teacher meth cooker and dealer. Great show!

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights – Nerd alert! Animated fare concerning a guy who dresses up like a lantern to fight crime. Really dude, that’s the best costume you could come up with? Couldn’t get a job with the Illusionary festival?

Just Go With It – Wow, double whammy! Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston together at last in a romantic comedy! Why did it take this long? Something tells me it’s neither romantic or comedic. Up to you to decide.

La Rafle – AKA The Roundup – Jean Reno stars in this heavy French true story drama about Nazi collaborators in occupied Paris and how they rounded up the Jews living in Paris under the swine Vichy government. Lousy Nazis. Lousy Vichy French.

Rubber – Easily the strangest film of the week. An abandoned tire laying in the desert somewhere suddenly comes alive with telekinetic powers and starts blowin’ things up, real good. Not and entirely (pun intended) a successful film – it has a sub plot kind of involving a greek chorus type of crowd watching this film from afar – but it’s impressively filmed and strange and interesting enough to go the distance. Easily the best film ever made a about a killer tire.

Sanctum – Sanctum! Damn near killed him! James Cameron seems to have had something to do with this underwater cave swimming thriller. It seems that if it’s a movie about something underwater, Cameron has his tentacles all over it. Also on the blu ray.

Textuality – Canadian comedy about a couple trying to manage relationships via hand held technology. What an age we live in. I’m hoping that 10 years from now, this film will not have aged well, as I think that we have far too much technology in our lives.

True Grit – The Coen’s take on the classic novel far surpasses the tedious John Wayne effort from years ago. (I’m not a John Wayne fan). One of the best films of 2010 with a great cast, cinematography, script – everything that makes for a great film. Did I mention that I thought it was great? Check it out pardners! Also on the blu rays.

When We Leave – Heavy tale of a Turkish woman who flees her homeland under threats of persecution only to find more danger in Germany from her immediate family. These types of situations make me so mad I best not comment further. Take a deep breath….

Coming Next Week

Battle Los Angeles
Kill the Irishman
The Other Woman
Red Riding Hood
Sweet Karma
Hall Pass

Recently Viewed and Recommended

True Grit
Another Year
Breaking Bad Season 3
True Blood Season 3
I Saw the Devil
Public Speaking
Found Footage Festival Vol 5
Ip Man
Treme S 1
I Am You

Nice job, Internets!

As promised we have another contest! The prize? We have copies of Kaboom – , Prey – and Passion Play – The contest. Tell us your weirdest find on the streets and alleys of Vancouver. The chicken I found today ranks up there for sure.

With the release of the fine flick True Grit tomorrow, the fine folks at Rotten Tomatoes have compiled a list of the best remakes of all time. Some interesting choices I must say –

And speaking of remakes, I have a feeling that this one may not make that list – the swell Japanese cult thingy Big Man Japan is getting a American remake. –,57128/

Here’s an amusing video for all you Star Wars prequel haters out there –

That’s it for this week kids. Remember, stay golden and keep watching…

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