Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending July 4th

There’s a couple of swell promotions I’d like to mention today; if you want a good comedy (at least according to the internets) we have a Cedar Rapids for rent at both stores. Big deal you say. Well here’s the thing – it’s only a measly $4.00 to rent! Only four bones you say, what a great deal! And right you would be to say such a thing. Manager’s special we like to call it. We have many (too many actually) copies for your enjoyment. It’s currently rated 85% on the Rotten Tomatoes Tomato-meter. Come in and take home some big laughs.

And also we’re partnering up with Biercraft Restaurant and Beer Palace for a terrific deal. Come in to either Black Dog, spend $10.00 (That’s 2 copies of Cedar Rapids plus something else) and walk away with a $5.00 off voucher good for lunch at either Beircraft on Cambie St. and Commercial Drive. Yowsa!

New Releases for Tuesday June 28th

Barney’s Version – Paul Giamatti stars in this adaptation of Canadian author Mordecai Richler’s famous Canadian novel about a hard drinking, big living Canadian lout named Barney. Also stars non-canadians Dustin Hoffman and Minnie Driver (always wondered what happened to Minnie Driver – love that name!)

The Big C – No, it’s not the name (it was originally called “The C-Word,”) which I have been called too much over the course of my life . It’s a pretty good drama/comedy TV series about a woman dealing with a recent diagnosis of cancer in a humorous way. Nothing screams comedy like cancer! Stars the always excellent Laura Linney and Oliver Platt.

Beastly – A kind of modern day Beauty and the Beast tale finds a cocky high-school jerk being transformed by one of those Olsen twin witches into a hideous troll-boy where, you guessed it, he finds the true meaning of beauty (it’s on the inside, with all the guts and stuff).

Bloodworth – Nice looking drama finds crotchety Kris Kristofferson returning home to his white trash roots after 40 years wandering around playin’ his geetar only to find that the family he left behind (puffy Val Kilmer, Hilary Duff etc.) are not so keen on seeing the old coot.

In Search of Sex – Another ensemble cast wanders around (probably New York) either having lots of sex, dealing with the consequences of having lots of sex or just looking to have lots (or even some) sex. Aren’t we all, like, all the time doing this? Did I say that out loud?

Legend of the Fist – Donnie Yen (Ip Man) stars in this historical epic martial arts extravaganza about a famed martial arts dude who wants to infiltrate the powers that be that are helping the Japanese control and brutalize the Chinese back in the day.

Savage – Brutal revenge drama finds a dude revenging on some punks that done him wrong. Love the revenge thrillers. Hope that this one is good. Some of the keywords in the IMDb include, anger, castration, hate, anabolic steroid, tinnitus and social commentary so it has all of that going for it.

Season of the Witch – Nic Cage hams it up with Ron Pearlman as 14th century knights who have to transport a suspected witch somewhere so the monks can have a go at her to determine if she’s the cause of the Black Plague. Word has it that it’s a terrible movie (what Nic Cage in a bad film?!) but it falls into that category of so bad that’s it’s good and quite entertaining. Also on the Blu Ray.

Sucker Punch – What a disaster. How can a film that has dragons, zombie soldiers, killer robots, dirigibles and hot girls in fetish wear turn out to be such a painful movie-going experience? I’ll tell you how – spend all of your money on set deck and costumes and CGI stuff but none of it on script or acting lessons for the barbie dolls you hired to prance through this. I watched the extended Blu Ray cut – looked great and the action fantasy scenes were quite awesome, but the rest of it? Almost unwatchable. I had a finger on the fast forward button for a good chunk. To me it seems that Zack Snyder fell into the Wachowski Brother’s dilemma – trying to up the anti over the previous film, Watchmen for Snyder, Matrix for the Wachowskis, and failing miserably. Hopefully Snyder’s Superman film will get him back on track. On Extended cut Blu Ray and theatrical Blu Ray as well as DVD.

White Irish Drinkers – Heavy family drama set in New York in 1975 that finds a pair of brothers trying to make it on petty crimes and get away from their boozy dad. And it has Karen Allen in it? I thought she was dead. Who knew?

Old stuff Just In

Lord of the Rings – Extended Edition – Blu Rays. (I can’t wait to geek out over these!)
Orlando – DVD

Coming Next Week

Company Men
Hobo with a Shotgun (whoo-hoo!)
Essential Killing
The Warrior’s Way
Mega Python vs. Gateroid
Elektra Luxx

Recently Viewed and Recommended

Season of the Witch – only for its badness
Breaking Bad S 3
Louie S 1
The Adjustment Bureau
Another Year
True Blood S 3
Treme S 1
I Saw the Devil
True Grit

Great Job Internets!

You may have seen this but if you haven’t it’s pretty awesome in it’s awesomeness. Seagull cam!

Speaking of revenge films (mentioned earlier in case you’ve already forgotten) here’s a little list from the good folks at Rotten Tomatoes detailing some of their favorite revenge flicks. Nice to see Oldboy in there. I’d add I Saw the Devil – probably the most violent and nasty of the revenge flicks ever made.

First World Problems. A rap.

[youtube] [/youtube]

Ah! I just realized my kid is finished school on Wednesday! What am I going to do! Yikes. Maybe this will be the summer I introduce him to more sophisticated film fare. We’ll see. Keep watching.

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