Black Dog Newsletter for Week Ending July 22nd

I’m so old. I just turned 48. Forty-freakin’-eight! How’d that happen? When did I officially enter the realm of ‘old man’? When do I start getting discounts on movies, bus fare and various ointments? When do I have to start eating chopped steak and cut the corn off the cob? Where did my youth go? Where did my hair go? Where are my keys? It can be somewhat depressing to think about age and aging and…”hey you kids, get off of my lawn!” Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, I was talking about hamburgers and how…sorry, lousy old brain. As one gets older, one starts to reflect on all of the regrets and ‘what if’s’ that have passed on by. What if I didn’t get a girlfriend who went went to university, thus bringing me into the academic world? Where would I have ended up? Why didn’t I go to Lisa S.’s house for dinner that night? Why didn’t I bury that hobo in a deeper grave? Why did I drink all that crab juice? What if I hadn’t taken off my pants in the airport that time? Why did I give that speech at Larry’s wedding? The list is endless (as I’m sure is most folks). There’s really not much point dwelling on the past as you can’t really change it (unless I get that time machine I’m working on in the basement finished). What does any of this have to do with movies.? Hell if I know.

Just a reminder of our summer deals – 2 for 1 Mondays (all films), five old flicks for 10 bones on Wednesdays and Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday 2 movies for $7 – one old one new, 2 old. Lots of great films to be had. You must all be bored of the sun by now right? Hello?

New Releases for Tuesday July 16th

42 – Bio-pic about Jackie Robinson. Tells the story about how he was the first black baseball player to break into the major leagues. It’s set during the time when there was lots of racism in America. Good thing racism in the US has been erradicated and they’ve moved past all that nastiness. Ahem. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Bad Kids Go to Hell – Lots of sex and blood and sexy bloodiness liven up this Breakfast Club meets The Grudge type of horror comedy. Six students meet for detention on a Saturday and are killed off for some reason. Some plot keywords include; impalement, stun gun, hit with a book, bowel movement, hit with a shovel, sex on a table, sex in the library and Abraham Lincoln. Exciting! Also gets points for having Judd Nelson in it. [youtube][/youtube]

Bullet to the Head – Old man (he must be older than me!) Sly Stallone plays a hitman who teams up with a detective to bring down a common enemy. Paula Dean? Is it too late to make Paula Dean jokes? Too soon? Points for dusting off Walter Hill to direct. Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Evil Dead – Full on re-make of the cult classic finds some kids at a cabin in the woods where they stumble upon a something titled Book of the Dead. It comes with a warning not to read it. Be pretty boring film if they didn’t. Very high on my list to see as I’ve heard that it’s gory and great and gory. Also on the Blu Ray. Red Band trailer – [youtube][/youtube]

Hell on Wheels Season 2 – Great show about building the railways in the old west. Throw in some revenge and horses and campfires and you’ve got a fine evenin’ of gettin’ entertained. [youtube][/youtube]

Jack Taylor Season 1 – That guy from Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey – you know the one, has an accent…handsome…walks around a says things? Ya him. He stars in this Irish cop drama that, word on the street has it, is quite excellent. [youtube][/youtube]

Silenced – Heavy drama from Korea about a guy who gets a job at a school for the hearing-impaired where he soon discovers some nasty shenanigans a happening. Much drama, I presume, ensues.

Under the Bed – Two brothers team to defeat some sort of creature or monster or entity or dust bunny that’s hiding under the bed. Must have been an Ikea bed – Nyvoll or Malm probably. Maybe just either move or have someone come in and take the bed away? [youtube][/youtube]

Wild Bill – Family crime drama finds a dude fresh out of the slammer who returns home to find that his two sons have been abandoned by their mum and are fending for themselves. Crime and family drama, I presume, ensue. For whatever reason the box art on the Canadian release airbrushed the words “WIld Bill” off the guys knuckles?! Now the box just looks weird. Come into the store and tell us that the box doesn’t look weird. I dare you! Also on the Blu Ray. [youtube][/youtube]

Coming Next Week

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